This is the TRUTH

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

as you see !! today i got this reply for girls
she unfollowing the blog >> The reason << because the blog isn't interesting
and yes that what i'm seeing too in the last days , for examples :

1. There is no girls accept to follow the blog at the last 3 days ago !!
and if they did , they lied and said we follow the blog and the TRUTH there is no one follow it

2. There is only 2 comment(S) on the blog yesterday
( remember we are 1144 followers ) WOW !!

3. If there is a competiton you comment ONLY ( not all of you )..
well the comment isn't for me it's for the writer
 ( at least ) thanking her to spent her time on this blog for YOU !!

4. all of this makes me feel so sad ! as being this blog on of your favorite blogs why you don't share with us your opinion ?? at least we have a monthly winner for top commenter 20 SD and other blogs don't have like this and you see there is more than 40+ comments in the one post !

*** by the way : i'm not begging you to comment on the blog !!
 it's your choice and you are free ***

Hire more writers ??
I did

Having more competitions ?? 
There is 3 competition makers

Having new ideas ??
I squeeze my brain to have new ideas other blogs don't have it !! o_O

What should i do ??
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  1. I agree with you Ghandoora, the followers are inactive and I have some suggestions.

    Well, firstly everyone would like to see a big comp --I know you don't have to spend your money but I just say what I see. Secondly, maybe we can have posts that atract more readers (you can make a post asking them what they want to see). Or you could try to invite more followers. (and mostly members that go a lot on stardoll)

    Just hope I helped and if you need anything more, I'll be glad to help you (:

  2. I follow this blog because most of the posts are interesting to me. I guess a big comp would help, since I know they are very popular.

    Asking readers what they'd like to see more of... maybe a poll?

  3. You should hire EXPERIENCED writers or who I don't know,write intersting posts...

  4. Well,I love the blog.I am so sad to hear this.
    I think you should open a poll to ask everyone what they want to see.
    Or I think you can find media partheners they help a lot!!


  5. I like the blog I have just been very busy. I will try and comment more ^^

  6. You are right Ghadeer, this week only a few followers were active, and I have to say I wasn't active because of the exams we have next week here in my country Greece, and I think that's the reason many girlz are not active.. Otherwise I don't know.. :/

  7. U r right... Followers are not active Because :
    1.You don't write news.
    2. You don't make so much comps .
    3. You are NOT active!

    That's true ....U were active but passing the time you're not anymore! I Always Went to this club to see news But now I don't Because Here are NOO news. =( aNYWAY here are my suggestionns:
    you must be more active.
    You must make more comps
    You must talk more with Followers In blog you know ask them for something the would like to be here etc..
    Have a nice day/

  8. I find this blog really interesting. I love the fact that here the real world and stardoll are mixed together ao I can never get boring when I visit your blog. And if I' haven't comented these days I'm sorry but it's because I'm using my computer rarely these days because on 14th may I have a really important exam and I'm learning. Anyway I'll promise to be more active because I don't wanna se you sad my friend, ghadeer :)

    Love ya ♥

  9. Hmm.. i think you must be more active.. for example you make posts and forget them for a bit.. and what about doing Ghandee's magazine with loads of styles and ideas? Lots of girls will want to be models ;)

  10. Hire gossip writers, EVERYONE loves gossip.
    Hire fashion writers. Make HUGE comps like invite 10 followers and get 50 stardollars etc...

  11. I love this blog and am sooooooo thankful that you invited me to it!
    I will give some active stardollians the link to this blog!

  12. I am a follower and I like to check out your posts and I am sorry for being unactive, I am busy posting on my own blog, but I think I have an idea.

    Well people love comps, that is probably the best thing or maybe get some media partners, for example I could be your media partner, which might attract more readers who are more dedicated!

  13. hey fairydew said that the followers are in active . i for one am on this everyday but some people just follow then never go on it again

  14. Yeah I agree wtih what everyone is saying, also a lot of people have exams around now, I know I have loads coming up, so people wont be able to be as active, they will probably be more active once they are over, I know I have been really busy!

  15. I agree whith what everyone seems to be saying, also a lot of the reason may just be because people have a lot of exams at the moment, I know I do, so when they end I think people will be more active, I know I am really busy at the moment!

  16. well i think you could talk about some great designers in your blog and put some information and pictures.
    if people wanna see news put like something happen on stardoll u should put it on your blog and such a free stuff you should be partners wit the blog Stardoll World Tipps,that make their own proxy for safe for us.make a comp about girls that have to make this own outifit with watever they want be creative at leat design and every week they will get a post about her be active and ur writters too make ur own magazine
    change that tittle name to put a atractve one

  17. How many writers do you have in this blog? Well, I think this blog is not popular as the others like Underneath Stardoll, but it could be more interesting if you advertise it. Some Stardoll blogs have a page for advertising other blogs.
    And maybe you should choose a better banner that attract more people to follow and read your blog.
    Or, you should hire a writer who wants to write about a Stardoll member who has talents, but never win a contest like Covergirl or Scenery Winner. (I want to write about it! XD)

    Hope I helped. By the way, I'm Scarlet_GG on Stardoll...

  18. I really do not think that this is a boring or not interesting blog.
    You can make competition.For money.You do not need to give money,you can give clothes.Or something like that.

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