The Secret ??

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Before week ago , around 5 girls asked me : 
 " What is the secret of your medoll face ?? "
well i think " the secret " will reveal now !! ^^

every night .. at 8 PM .. me & my family watch the news on MTV Lebanon ..
as you know there must be news presenter .. who catch us all to watch the news .

This news presenter is different from others ,
she took my eyes from the first time i saw her ,
she so beautiful , i fall in love with her not only she has the presentation ,
voice and the personality !!
She also has the stunning beauty of a perfect lady ^^
she's got amazing face , glamours eyes ... etc 

so ... i decided to make my medoll on Stardoll look like her in real !!

My Inspiration: Diana Fakhoury

What do you think ??
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  1. nice! She's really pretty :)

  2. She is very pretty, nice idea for a post

  3. wow Ghadeer you have made your me-doll look exactly like her! You are very talented at it!

  4. shes reallllllly pretty and omg your medoll looks just like her x

  5. She has a different and gorgeous face. And,did anyone find it funny that the news channel is called mtv?

  6. It looks so much alike, nice one Ghadeer. ma 2jmala!

  7. shw is pretty!

    but what did u mean that u falled in love with her?!

    and she has a pretty face!

  8. You choose the right person to be inspired. She's beautiful just like your MeDoll!

  9. lovely ! she looks like Cheryl Cole, doesn't she ?

  10. Your MeDoll Does Really Look Like Her!

  11. @Bonjour360
    yeah i know MTV XD what a coincidence!

    anyway love the look ghandoora!

  12. Ghandoora, you can really pull off many looks i see your me-doll constantly changing and yet you look great each time!