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Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey guyz!

It is Monday again so that means that the story is continuing! **For everyone that had missed a part or the whole story, you can click on "Story" on labels which is in the end of the post.**

I hope you're enjoying every moment of your lives, having fun and loving the weather (sun is shining here!). So here is the *next chapter* like Taylor Swift says on Story Of Us:


Monday, 16th of May 2011

Maths exam is over, Physics tomorrow.

Well, both were easy, although history and Ancient Greek won't be, too. But whatever. I'm enjoying it because we don't have school, still I would like to wake up when May ends.

Remember my ex? And that girl they could be more than friends? Well, on eof my friends asked him (weird, I didn't tell her to) and he said neither yes nor no. Hahahahah you're so quick! No, wrong, I'm quicker! Yeah, there is actually a guy I kinda like but nothing serious. Just a small, small crush. But I really don't care about him and her. I actually don't care at all.

What I care about is that I don't show myself when I'm with others, even my friends. I just find myself saying things (not bad things) I didn't normally say. Like, seriously, what's going on with me? So, I just decided to sh*t up till I can control what I say. And now the yeah ends but on September Imma show who I am. Who I really am. Just because they should know.



That's it, see you on Monday!!

Kisses, Anastasia/fairydew
xxx ♥
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