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Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello everyone! (: How are you? I am here with music news again! (:

Photos of the new video of

Justin Bieber & Chris Brown!



Chris Brown decided to make a gift to his own admirers and Justin Bieber's putting on the internet  their two photographs, from their public video clip "Next 2 You". Video it portrays a future world where only the two men have survived. Chris wrote under the one photograph "Judgement day" and under the other "The moment". The "Next 2 You" exists in the Brown's album "F.A.M.E." that circulated in March.


Beyonce - Till the End of Time


A new song from Beyonce is coming. Its title is "Till the End of Time" and everyone says that after the negative criticisms that the first single "Run the World (Girls)" took,  her managers leaked it so that they could gain the disappointed fans again. Listen to the "Till the End of Time" here:


I know today the music news weren't as interesting as other times, but ok! :P See ya soon!!

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  1. About Beyonce: I totally agree, I don't find "Who run the world" a very good song like we're used to listen from beyonce.