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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good morning everyone! How are you? I wanna apologise to all of you for not writing yesterday, I was reading.. :/ To forgive me, I brought some very nice music news (:


 Part from the new

 Shakira's video clip!


"Rabiosa" is called the next Shakira's single from her last album "Chalet El Sol". In the frames of promotion of song the Colombian Star presented an extract from the video clip, which was shooted in Barcelona in April.


and their expensive tour ;)

Above 50 millions pounds (!) it is expected to cost the show that will present the band" Take That" in the frames of their befalling tour ' Progress ' tour. The concept  is futuristic and inspired from ' sci-fi pop ' of the disk but also from the film "Back To The Future". "Think about flying instruments, robots, spatial settings e.t.c.. It will be real overproduction, there is no denying."told to a journalist an individual that works in the production. The Robbie in deed will have time to make also... "his part", cuz somewhere in the middle of the show the remainder members of the band will not be even above in the scene, in order to be able to sing his one songs. Tour is expected to begin from the Sunderland on 27 May 2011.


Hope you enjoyed today's music news and I am sorry for everything again! 

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Shakira's song seems nice, but I couldn't recognize her..She look different :O

  2. Yeah, her new hair is nice, but so different. I sort of enjoyed the song

  3. Shakira looks so different, but I like her :)

  4. I do not like Shakira anymore...I do not know why...