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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello everyone! I am sorry for the time, but tomorrow I am writing the 2nd subject so I didn't have time to write before 00:25 (here in Greece ) xD So here are today's Music News! :D


Today released the new Lady Gaga's song, "Hair" ! :)

After "Born This Way", "Judas" and "The Edge of Glory", for today (16-05-2011)  Lady Gaga promised us the circulation pf the 4th single through the same album "Born This Way". Few hours earlier in deed, she put up in the wall of her page at facebook the cover for the single, which as it wrote will circulate in iTunes at seven in the afternoon, England hour.

The new song of Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas finally told us that the first single from his debut solo album will be named "See No More". The 21-year-old singer, who announced via twitter that it was preparing a solo career one year ago, will make premiere of the song on Friday, June 3rd. The song has been written by the himself and Chris Brown and his producer is Brian Kennedy.
Hope you enjoyed today's music news! :) Have fun! And good luck to everyone who writes exams tomorrow!
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  1. Lady gaga: HOORAY!
    joe Jonas: not so much... but thats just me...

  2. The music are both realy cool... But like most lady gaga. so....

  3. hair ? random but u gotta love her =D

  4. Gagaaa forever

  5. Joe JOnas, a song, solo? I not too keen but whatever..
    OMG I love Lady GaGa I bet this song is awesome!! :D

  6. I'm in love with Gaga's "Hair"...That song is really awesome :D! Not really a big fan of Joe Jonas...

  7. I listened to Gaga's new song! I totally loved it..
    I just don't understand why Joe is going Solo :(
    It was a lot cuter when they were the Jonas Brother"s" not a Jonas Brotherrr.. :(

  8. Joe Jonas is yuk...agh...I do not like him.BUT LADY GAGA....SHE ROCKS!