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Monday, May 02, 2011

Oh yeah, music news are here again this Monday! :D It's Christine here, how are you today? Wish you a happy new month and a happy new week! :) So let's see what we have for today.. :)

Katy Perry sings "Friday" from Rebecca Black!

Remember the... worst song ever - if we look at most music websites, like the most popular, youtbe -?  It seems that Rebecca Black and her viral video her marked Katy Perry, as the popstar decided to include it in the setlist of her tour! "I do not know to play flute, but it does not matter! And do you know why? Because all the magic things happen on Friday!" declared Katy in the public and she started singing an acoustic implementation of "Friday", closing she said: "I am glad that somebody wrote a song for Friday!" Wanna hear this? I do too! xD Here it is!

Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent together!

 "Right There" is titled the new single from Nicole Scherzinger with the attendance of  50 Cent. 50 Cent when he was asked how the collaboration started, said joking: "Basically, I wanted to ask her to go out with me! And afterwards when they told me to hear the song,  I said OK, I will do it. I thought that when we will make the video clip I will be with her - and who knows what can happen!" The shootings of the video clip have already started in Los Angeles. I think they will be very nice together. Wanna hear the song? Here it is!

So did you like today's music news? :) Have a wonderful day!
Kisses and hugs from Greece!
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  1. I love these news and all your posts about celebs :D

  2. hey Katy Perry actually made me like that song ! i think Nicole and 50 cent would make a great couple x

  3. Thank you.I do not really like Rebeca Black but that does not mean that i hate her.