Interview with Style_magazine

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello Starchels2010 reporting with another interview. Fortunately i got to interview someone very very successful, popular and talented on stardoll, Style_Magazine, she took her time to answer these questions and I would love to thank her for that. Here they are..

Q.1.How do you feel about your fans?
A. I love them, of course! It is funny now that I have both fans of my (former) magazine and current magazine..

Q.2 Why do you think they look up to you?
A. That said, I do not consider me as a role  model nor i aspire to become one. In fact I just hope that I have inspired them in some or other way.

Q.3 You make great graphics! When it all started, was it difficult? Is it easier now?
A. Definitely not! Making my magazine was never easy! Fun, but not easy. I started with my magazine with my album on stardoll, and then I wanted to challenge myself a bit more. That's how it started. And now I am proud to say I have 3 versions of my magazine. An album, 1, and 2 graphics based. 

Q.4. You are clearly very famous and have a lot of 'stardoll reporters' around, how do you react when there is dishonesty involved?
A. I have reacted differently in the past, and I have contacted them to sort things out, but...I do not do that anymore. I know that my friends and fans know the real me and that's all that's important to me. 

Q.5. Who inspired you to make your first magazine?
A. There were not any magazines on stardoll at the time I started mine, so it was real magazines such as Vogue. 

Thank you again for letting me interview you, and you have definitely inspired loads with your magazine! 

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