*I'm just so proud*

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ηey Guyz! How is everyone doing? I hope you're perfectly fine! So today is Monday and you all know what that means...Story time!

So, I decided to put a title for each chapter from now and then so the "I'm just so proud" is the title for this chapter. If anyone missed any part or the whole story, you can always click on "Story'' in "Labels" in the end of this post. So, here it is, ENJOY! :


Monday, 23rd or May 2011

" I'm so proud that I found the whole song on piano by myself '', said my bff. She was proud that she found her whole favourite song on piano without any sheets. And she was like: "Is it bad that I'm saying that I'm proud?". And I said: " No, it's not bad, I'm proud for other things, too. And yes I am. I am proud because I can go there and SMILE like nothing bad happened. SMILE like I have the time of my life when I don't. SMILE and HIDE all the bad feelings inside.

 Last time I talked about the fact that I don't really show who I am. Now, I'm talking about a different thing because I'm going through a difficult time. But when it will be over, be sure that I will show my self. Till then, I will just SMILE. This song, "Smile'' by Avril Lavigne makes me to. So, thank you Avril for making me smile. Of course, smiling and holding back feelings means that I will explode someday. Just like a volcano. You're just lucky that you won't be there to see it.

Listen to it I ♥ it.

Hope you like it!

xxx Anastasia/fairydew
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