Music News today again! :D

Monday, May 09, 2011

Hey everyone! It's Christine here again! :D Want some music news today? :) Here they are!

Madonna & Lourdes : new song together!

 Madonna is recording a song with her daughter Lourdes. According to information the song was written 8 years ago but now they are preparing to circulate it and work to the studio in studio New York with it.

It's named “It' s So Cool” and Madonna and her Lourdes want the 14-year-old girl to make a career which starts with this! 

VIDEO: Nicki Minaj - Super Bass

H 26-year-old rapper Nicki Minaj, after (with Ke$ha) helping Britney to make the remix in  the “Till The World Ends”, she is preparing a new video clip for her last single “Super Bass”.

Wigs, spectacular outfits, white light and very very much pink!

See video below:
 Hope you liked my post! See you soon! ( sorry if someday I won't post, it's because I have exams!)
xxx, demi_lovanto_2




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  1. LOVE IT i know every word to that song *boy you got my heart beat running away beatin like a drum and its commin ur way cuz u get that boom boom boom ba superbass* love it xxxx

  2. I love Super Bass, also the video is awesome, nicki looks great :)

  3. I love her :)
    Sorry sd didn't appeared my 1 comm

  4. luv Nicki Minaj'

    visit me lenoosh

    luv ghadeer ♥
    thanks 4 this gr8 blog