Happy Independent Day

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today 25/May/2011
 over 5,611,202 Jordanian celebrate Independence day

 May 25, 1946: After 15 years of subjugation under the British Mandate, following centuries of subjugation under the Ottoman Empire, Trans-Jordan (present-day Jordan) becomes, in a 14-minute ceremony in Amman, an independent nation, and 64-year-old Hashemite King Abdullah Ibn al-Hussein is installed as reigning monarch.

Well today when i opened Google i saw that they had changed the logo to this !

and also when i went to the shop on Stardoll i saw this !

i'm so happy to see famous websites celebrate with us our  Independent Day .

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  1. Independence is a wonderful thing. Have a great time celebrating it!!

  2. Woww really nice.
    I am very glad because you have your independence day!
    Have fun!

  3. And also theres a t-shirt that says I love Jordan on it, it's a freebie. Happy independence day.

  4. Happy Independence Day!
    Have fun!
    In my country if it's Independence Day we'll have holiday for a day, but in some schools we'll have a ceremony for 30 minutes, then go home.

  5. I missed the Google logo so thank you! ;)

  6. *PS*
    I hope y'all have a goo d independence day!