Do & Don't Wear

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey everyone, today I was browsing at clothes, and I came across some psycho shoes. Now, this is what you DON'T wear...

DON'T wear shoes like this. Jeeze...look at that heel! How the heck can she walk? They may be "in style" for some people, but really? Shoes that are bigger than your own feet? No.


High Heels (normal atleast(; ) flip flops flats, etc. anything that you like! Something that's hot, or in style!

enjoy! comment(;

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  1. Thank you for your advice



  2. Sorry, we aren't all 10 year old little girls that like Sequins on are shoes.

  3. I totaly agree with the huge heel how in the world could you ever walk in that it is absolute fashion but!!leave it up to the stars you must be not more than 50 kilo to walk on those shoes and keep your balance cant imagine that i could ever walk on those my highest are 15 but when i walk down the stairs ,be sure that i will keep close to tha railings

    and bout the sequins i love siguins and sparkles even though i am 25 so age doenst matter just a matter of taste.

    like your post.

  4. I like a bit "weird" shoes, but these boots are :O.I don't know how can someone walk in it.They are good if you really want to outstand...I like ballet flats :D

  5. Oh...:)
    Thanks for this amazing post!

  6. OMG look at the first ones they are em intersting :) love the advice thanks xx

  7. Those flats are awesome, hope I'll find at the shops a pair like those ;9

  8. Thanks for advice.These boots are huge!I love crazy shoes but these boots are like...agh...weird!