*Dance Lesson*

Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday, 30th of May 2011
Let’s think it logically. Would you put in a dance lesson  a tall boy with a girl a little bit shorter than me and me with a short boy? Isn’t more logical to put the tall boy with me because I’m a little bit taller than that girl and that girl with the short boy because they have almost the same height? Isn’t it? Yes, it is. So I can’t understand why out dance teacher does that. I mean, seriously just for the image of the whole thing, it is better to put me with the tall boy and her with the short one. And it is also better for ME. It is better to put me with the guy I like than with the bored one. Come one, universe! You’re supposed to help me if I want something very much like now! Why don’t you?
And it’s not only that. I just got back from the English lesson where one of the teachers was asking with who we dance with. And I had to hear that girl saying she dances with George. Isn’t it horrible when they hurt you --without knowing of course-- exactly in the point you hurt? No, I don’t blame her, how could she know I fancy him? But it wasn’t the best moment ever. And then I was asked to say with who I’m dancing. I really hope our teacher change us. I want to dance with him, or at least be in the same team with him!

OK, he didn't accept my facebook friend request maybe because we don't know each other but I got mad at him and when the teacher put him next to me in the lesson I though: ''Ughh! Why did he put him here?". But when he changed me I was sad. It's so unfair.
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