*Dance Lesson*

Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday, 30th of May 2011
Let’s think it logically. Would you put in a dance lesson  a tall boy with a girl a little bit shorter than me and me with a short boy? Isn’t more logical to put the tall boy with me because I’m a little bit taller than that girl and that girl with the short boy because they have almost the same height? Isn’t it? Yes, it is. So I can’t understand why out dance teacher does that. I mean, seriously just for the image of the whole thing, it is better to put me with the tall boy and her with the short one. And it is also better for ME. It is better to put me with the guy I like than with the bored one. Come one, universe! You’re supposed to help me if I want something very much like now! Why don’t you?
And it’s not only that. I just got back from the English lesson where one of the teachers was asking with who we dance with. And I had to hear that girl saying she dances with George. Isn’t it horrible when they hurt you --without knowing of course-- exactly in the point you hurt? No, I don’t blame her, how could she know I fancy him? But it wasn’t the best moment ever. And then I was asked to say with who I’m dancing. I really hope our teacher change us. I want to dance with him, or at least be in the same team with him!

OK, he didn't accept my facebook friend request maybe because we don't know each other but I got mad at him and when the teacher put him next to me in the lesson I though: ''Ughh! Why did he put him here?". But when he changed me I was sad. It's so unfair.
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My Medoll !!

Hey my lovely readers ;)

as you know , yesterday i made big makeover for my medoll
and i added something i'm not sure if you know what is it !!
Okey.. you are going to know it in 10 seconds :p


( click to enlarge )

I got this massage from my friend Nour telling me that tattoo looks like Haifa Wahbi !!


as you see she inspired me to make this tatto ..
she is Lebenese singer i hate her so so so much but i love this tatto type ^^

What do you think ??
Do you like it ??!
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Music News

Gaga & Rihanna live @Central Park!


Lady Gaga and Rihanna selected the two bigger mornings of talk shows in America, "Good Morning America" and "The Today Show", for the openings of their summer live that will be placed in the Central Park of New York. Rihanna made spectacular appearance walking in the streets of Manhattan with the escort of her dancers, while Gaga after entering in the scene by flying in a style of super-hero, sang then five songs!

VIDEO: Take That - Love Love

New EP prepares the band "Take That", titled ' Progressed ' and a tracklist that will include songs that were not included in their album ' Progress '. Τhe first single of  their new work is "Love Love" and you can hear it below. The song is also the musical subject of film "X Men: First Class".

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Summer Bottoms!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hey everyone! It's insanly hot where I live today, so I thought I would give you all some tips on what to wear. Yeah, you basically see shorts during this time of the year, but who wants to be like everybody else. Psh...not me!

I usually wear these at night (when it's cooler) or on days that are warm, but not hot

Denim are the best(;

You can also wear Soffe shorts! They are very cheap, and very fashionable! They have every colour you could think of!

They are very comfortable!

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From 50 TO 500 SC !!

From 50 TO 500 SC !!

Since only 6 girls joined the competition i decided to make this
Now you can win 500 starcoins instead of 50
all what you have to do is

invite your friend to follow us !

Do you want more info about the competition ?? check here
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How to look like a VIP returns!!!!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

hello lovely Ghandoora readers!!!!!
missed u a lot the period I was gone ♥
But now I am back with an astonishing and eye-catching VIP look.. Why??
Cause Nicki Minaj , the cinamon Barbie girl is the VIP I got inspired!!!
DO you like her?
who should be next????

x.o.x.o. sa...gataki
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Music News ;)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello everyone!!!! I missed you!! How are you? YES! I have some music news, only for u!! ;D

Teaser video for the

new song of Joe Jonas!

A few days before the official circulation of Joe Jonas' debut solo single "See No More" on 3 June,a teaser video predispose his fans for what they wait for. "The ' See No More ' carries many of my personal feelings. Hope the worldwill listen to it and understand from where is this new sound coming." The production of the song belongs to Bryan Kennedy, while the song is written by Joe Jonas and Chris Brown.



Taylor Swift - The Story Of us 

The premier of new video clip of Taylor Swift "The Story of Us", the fourth official single from last one album the Taylor "Speak Now", was done. Behind the direction of the video is Noble Jones. Swift, in her statements, has revealed that the song - and video - speaks for that awful feeling you feel the moment you see for first time your ex-boyfriend after your break up. "Each time when I am at the scene or watch the video, the first thing that crosses my mind is this person for whom I wrote that song." 

For whom did you write this song now Taylor?? -.^

So I hope you like today's music news.. :)
what's ur opinion?? 

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Tank Tops- What to do? & Short

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hey everyone! My blogger is going insane, I couldn't post Sunday, or yesterday because of it, but now it is finally working, I apologize, but anyways..lets get on with this post!

Tank Tops-What you can do.

Wear them with a skirt! You've probably seen numerous girls on stardoll do this with tank tops, correct? (:

Cute Shorts to wear!

Short Shorts- You can wear these with anything! Get them in dark blue, navy blue, or light blue! Denim short shorts are the best :)

More to come on Sunday!
<3 -kkrrbb78(;

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Happy Independent Day

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today 25/May/2011
 over 5,611,202 Jordanian celebrate Independence day

 May 25, 1946: After 15 years of subjugation under the British Mandate, following centuries of subjugation under the Ottoman Empire, Trans-Jordan (present-day Jordan) becomes, in a 14-minute ceremony in Amman, an independent nation, and 64-year-old Hashemite King Abdullah Ibn al-Hussein is installed as reigning monarch.

Well today when i opened Google i saw that they had changed the logo to this !

and also when i went to the shop on Stardoll i saw this !

i'm so happy to see famous websites celebrate with us our  Independent Day .

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Music News

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello everyone! (: How are you? I am here with music news again! (:

Photos of the new video of

Justin Bieber & Chris Brown!



Chris Brown decided to make a gift to his own admirers and Justin Bieber's putting on the internet  their two photographs, from their public video clip "Next 2 You". Video it portrays a future world where only the two men have survived. Chris wrote under the one photograph "Judgement day" and under the other "The moment". The "Next 2 You" exists in the Brown's album "F.A.M.E." that circulated in March.


Beyonce - Till the End of Time


A new song from Beyonce is coming. Its title is "Till the End of Time" and everyone says that after the negative criticisms that the first single "Run the World (Girls)" took,  her managers leaked it so that they could gain the disappointed fans again. Listen to the "Till the End of Time" here:


I know today the music news weren't as interesting as other times, but ok! :P See ya soon!!

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*I'm just so proud*

Ηey Guyz! How is everyone doing? I hope you're perfectly fine! So today is Monday and you all know what that means...Story time!

So, I decided to put a title for each chapter from now and then so the "I'm just so proud" is the title for this chapter. If anyone missed any part or the whole story, you can always click on "Story'' in "Labels" in the end of this post. So, here it is, ENJOY! :


Monday, 23rd or May 2011

" I'm so proud that I found the whole song on piano by myself '', said my bff. She was proud that she found her whole favourite song on piano without any sheets. And she was like: "Is it bad that I'm saying that I'm proud?". And I said: " No, it's not bad, I'm proud for other things, too. And yes I am. I am proud because I can go there and SMILE like nothing bad happened. SMILE like I have the time of my life when I don't. SMILE and HIDE all the bad feelings inside.

 Last time I talked about the fact that I don't really show who I am. Now, I'm talking about a different thing because I'm going through a difficult time. But when it will be over, be sure that I will show my self. Till then, I will just SMILE. This song, "Smile'' by Avril Lavigne makes me to. So, thank you Avril for making me smile. Of course, smiling and holding back feelings means that I will explode someday. Just like a volcano. You're just lucky that you won't be there to see it.

Listen to it I ♥ it.

Hope you like it!

xxx Anastasia/fairydew
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Music News

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good morning everyone! How are you? I wanna apologise to all of you for not writing yesterday, I was reading.. :/ To forgive me, I brought some very nice music news (:


 Part from the new

 Shakira's video clip!


"Rabiosa" is called the next Shakira's single from her last album "Chalet El Sol". In the frames of promotion of song the Colombian Star presented an extract from the video clip, which was shooted in Barcelona in April.


and their expensive tour ;)

Above 50 millions pounds (!) it is expected to cost the show that will present the band" Take That" in the frames of their befalling tour ' Progress ' tour. The concept  is futuristic and inspired from ' sci-fi pop ' of the disk but also from the film "Back To The Future". "Think about flying instruments, robots, spatial settings e.t.c.. It will be real overproduction, there is no denying."told to a journalist an individual that works in the production. The Robbie in deed will have time to make also... "his part", cuz somewhere in the middle of the show the remainder members of the band will not be even above in the scene, in order to be able to sing his one songs. Tour is expected to begin from the Sunderland on 27 May 2011.


Hope you enjoyed today's music news and I am sorry for everything again! 

Have a nice weekend!

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Video Of The Week :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello our readers :)
Do you still remember the last time i made " Video Of The Week " ??
It was about Hinna , if you miss it click here

Today i'm going to post new videos about new thing it's

Belly dance


 Belly dance or Bellydance is a "Western" coined name for a traditional "Middle Eastern" dance, especially raqs sharqi .

It is sometimes also called Middle Eastern dance or Arabic dance in the West.

Belly dancing arose from various dancing styles which were
performed in the Middle East and North Africa.
One theory is that belly dance has roots in the
ancient Arab tribal religions as a dance to the goddess of fertility.
A second theory is that belly dance was always danced as entertainment,
some believe that the movements of dancing girls depicted
in carvings from Pharaonic times are typical of belly dancing.

but .. does the belly dancer dance without music ??
well of course no !
wanna listen to amazing Darbouka ?
check this video :)

What about you ??
Do you like this post ??
Are you Belly Dancer ??
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Special Happy Birthday 2 !!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello our readers ^^
Today me & my family celebrating special birthday
for amazing person i have ever known !!
He is amazing man !! so that's why i made this post today to tell him

HaPpPpPpy B-Day  

He is

        Glitter Text Generator & Myspace LayoutsGlitter Text Generator & Myspace LayoutsGlitter Text Generator & Myspace LayoutsGlitter Text Generator & Myspace LayoutsGlitter Text Generator & Myspace LayoutsGlitter Text Generator & Myspace LayoutsGlitter Text Generator & Myspace Layouts
  ( This picture i made it yesterday 3:50 PM ^^; )
♥♥♥♥♥  My Father  ♥♥♥♥

I’m Happy You’re My Dad

I feel safe when you are with me;

You show me fun things to do;

You make my life much better;

The best father I know is you.

I’m happy you’re my Dad

And so I want to say

I love you, Dad, and wish you

A Happy Birthday !

JellyMuffin.com - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes
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Do & Don't Wear

Hey everyone, today I was browsing at clothes, and I came across some psycho shoes. Now, this is what you DON'T wear...

DON'T wear shoes like this. Jeeze...look at that heel! How the heck can she walk? They may be "in style" for some people, but really? Shoes that are bigger than your own feet? No.


High Heels (normal atleast(; ) flip flops flats, etc. anything that you like! Something that's hot, or in style!

enjoy! comment(;

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Style And Glam Competition

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ashley Here! :)

Well as I'm sure you guessed from the title this is a competition! :) :)

This competition is based on Style And Glam.
You have to style your MeDoll to a particular theme. Pick one and base your MeDoll on that theme!

1. Futuristic
2. Theatrical
3. Bling-Bling

4. Posh
5. Evil

When a theme is chosen style your MeDoll according to that theme and comment your account name on Stardolll to this post and I will chose the top 20

1st place - 100sd
2nd place - 50sd
3rd place - 25sd

** you must be follower to count your entrie **
Good Luck To Everyone! :)
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