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Monday, April 11, 2011

This competition was very touching. I honestly couldn't decide. But I went for the one that made my heart stop beating for a split second. Suddenly I felt grateful. Congratulations miha.ela who said...

"My mother means everything to me, although she was authoritarian, I enjoyed her until the age of almost 17 years, I learned many things that led to person I am today. I learned about responsibility, common sense, faith, to be ordered, to love and be careful at the same time.
Sadly, or fortunately, depending on which perspective of looking at things, and on her deathbed for the first time I said "I love you" and she responded for the first time through tears.
My gifts to her were mostly flowers -snowdrops and greeting- or a culinary surprise. Always appreciated my pleasure to cook, that I resemble her. Presently I offer food occasionally thinking about her and those who have passed into the afterlife.

10 years have passed and I'm so miss her."

Comment with your stardoll username and you will get all your gifts ;)

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  1. OMG!! This is such a moving essay, without being schmaltzy. I can certainly see why it was chosen the winner.

    Congratulations. I am certain that your mother is very proud of the person you have become.

  2. Congratulations.!!!!

  3. Hi girls !

    Thank you so much G !
    I fear it was a misunderstanding, I sent an e-mail where I explained.



  4. so proud! your deserve it! congrats!