Too Busy Relaxing...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Busy, busy, busy! Ok, maybe not that busy. I slept so much and I feel so good! . But before that I had hot chocolate (with foam!) and cinammon powder to top it off. Not to forget my fuzzy purple and white polka dot bathrobe (with matching slippers!)
What does all that have to do with me giving advice?

Here's the advice: Sometimes life throws so much at you and you feel like you can't handle it.And you feel like your life is coming apart. This is called STRESS.

Try to find something that will distract you! =D It doesn't matter if it's...

or even...

Whatever your method is, enjoy those rare & peaceful moments. Once you grow up, its all taxes, school fees, and bills.
So I'm going to enjoy life.
What about you?

You know you love me,

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  1. Thnx for ur advices :)
    They're pretty good

  2. That's really good!
    And I love the picture of the Zebra
    and also, when I read this I was also drinking hot chocolate! Lol

  3. Hmm maybe the hot chocolate will help tonight i can never sleep .i am always tiered but when the vening is comming and i need to go to bed i get a wake.and fuzzy and i cant sleep no more hahaha how anoiying is have some advice how i sleep better haha xxxx