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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday, 29th of April 2011

Just logged in to my virtual world.

And just became manager in a big and cool club, Fierce-Medolls. I wish I could win a competition to be ss, too. But oh, well, I can't have everything, can I? But I could have a cell phone, you know. Yeah, it is bad for my health but hey, I'm not a little obssessed child, I know how to control myself.

Is that too much that I'm asking for? Nope. But I guess I have to wait. Or I can secretly buy one with my own money and hide it and no one will know. But I'm not a bad girl, I won't do that. Even if I should.Whatever, let's go back to stardoll. All I do is searching. Searching, searching and Oh! searching. For comps. And trying to win. No result. Then, searching once again. But whatever.

I had that cool idea today of making logo t-shirts. Stardesigns without nice pictures, but with words, sayings. Although, I won't be able to sell them if I am a non-ss. And that's a really big disadvantage of stardoll. Almost every feature is for superstars! I know, they want to make some money out of all these, but oh, stardoll, oh dear stardoll, don't make it so unfair! There are non-ss, too, so don't try to make us buy superstar with all those cool things that ss can do. Be more generous and give more rights to non-ss. I promise you won't hurt. Agree?

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  1. I have a non-SS account as well as my two SS. I realize exactly how boring life is if you cannot even buy makeup, for crying out loud! The least they could do is let us buy that stuff.

    If if weren't for the freebies that are occasionally available, I would die of boredom.... or should I say my BananaStarlite would!

  2. Yeah I am a non ss and I hate it but the only gd thing bout non ss is that with starpoints, you can unlock cool stuff...:)

  3. Yes, but ss have really more rights on sd.

  4. I am a SS at the moment, but I can't be one most of the time, non SS really should be able to do more!

  5. Yeah, Its so annoying, Im not a SS most of the time and you can't do anything!

  6. Yes,I can't live without being a superstar because stardoll don't give you many rights.


    Even though,I wanna be a royalty.

  7. But it is normal that ss have more rights co'se they pay for the rights.
    But i agree that they should give non ss a little more things just a basic mascara and listick just to brighten up the doll.
    I know stardoll is very boring without all the extra things make up.......... eveything.I have 5 accounts but 3 of my non ss accounts have binn already deleted co'se i have never played them no more ...i am just so bored when ther is no ss members ship or money to spend.i have now my maina ccount ss and a other on that is ss at the moment but wont be in a couple of days and it is just super expecive to be ss everytime again we pay for the ss membership and if you want more money still have to pay for that. and bout the phone thingy that u can controle yourself...uhuumm i dont hahahah .sometimes it is raizing up sky high and my BF get angree hahaha
    So be nice to your Granny and ask a ss gift cart for Christmas!!will take a little while stil though but maybe it will work .