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Monday, April 25, 2011

Firstly, I would like to say Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates Easter. I had a great day yesterday and I hope you did, too. Back to my post now, I will continue the story I started on Friday. If you missed the beginning, you can read it here.

Monday, 25th of April 2011


Yeah, that's what it is. Honestly, who wants and can study now, during the holidays? I don't think there are many who are willing to. Neither I am. But I have to if I wanna take that degree, Lower. But studying is the synonym word to boring. But  except stardoll, there's only studying that I can do. And now that I mentioned stardoll, I really wanna be superstar, you know. I belong to non-ss since I can't buy ss, so I'm trying to win it by joining competitions. Hard, though. There are many out there who are better than me but  I'm gonna win a competition. I wll do my best. And that's stardoll life but there is also real life.

Well, I can say I recovered from the break up. And I'm perfectly fine. I even saw a dream last night. I had a boyfriend and he was hot and he loved me. Not like my ex. But you know what the say; if you can dream it, then you can make it. So yes, I can't believe I say that, but I really want schools to open, so I will search for my Mr. Right. Although my school is full of jerks and fools, I will try to find one. And of course I will take some revenge of my ex. He said he wasn't ready; maybe so I was, but he hurt me. He could have told me sooner that he wasn't ready, that he regretted it.

But now, I'm so sorry but you'll see my not-so-good side. No, I won't be mean with you. But it would be perfectly perfect if I would make you REALLY fall in love with me and then you would realize that what you had was what you wanted. But I won't really care if I won't make that. I will just smile and be happier than ever so you will see that I'm great without him. Oops, do I look mean? Honestly, I'm not.

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  1. *First Comment*

    Aww x Hope Your Dreams Come True x

  2. Hope your dreams come true!!! :'/ spring break has ended

  3. When are you going to post the next one? x

  4. Thank you all for your good words!! ♥ Next post on Friday because I write on Monday & Friday..Stay tuned! (:

  5. great words u have spoken!hope u will be ss soon!!much love xxx

  6. Hahah, I see that everyone got that it is a real story (: Smarty pants, I thought no one would realise it :P

  7. Ohhh I wish your dreams come true.
    It was soo good.

  8. Yeah, I realised it was real after the first few posts, its really good tho!