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Monday, April 18, 2011

Ok Ladies, lets get down to business. Prom is next week. You've got your dress, so that's a check. Promotion is the week after that, and you've got your outfit check. But wait! The hot guy who sits right behind you in World Geography asked you out! AHH! **happy dance moment** So now what? ok, umm... Fave lipgloss? check. Fave tank top (sequin trim)? check. Cuteset miniskirt you own (flattering while still showing off your curves)? check. Got your nails done? check. The date is on saturday night, and today is thursday. You take a shower right before bed, as you look in the mirror, you see this massive PIMPLE "AHHHHHHHHHH!" There's not one, but 3 pimples.


Chill girl! I've got your back!

So here is how to attack them:
You’ll need:
~Facecloth~~Towel~~Soap (bar or liquid)~~HOT water~~COLD water

1) First, gather the above supplies.
2) Wet down your face cloth with hot water. The water has to be so hot, the face cloth steams. Be careful not to burn your hands, though! When the face cloth is steaming, wring out the water, and place it on your face. This will open your pores. Repeat this process twice. Make sure your eyes are closed, unless you enjoy pain.
3) After opening your pores, quickly wash down your cloth again with hot water and put soap on it. Then scrub your entire face, but concentrate on the infected areas. Let the lather rest for about 40 seconds. While waiting, wash your cloth down again with hot water thoroughly.
4) Wipe the lather from your face thoroughly. Make sure none is left over.
5) Rinse the cloth with cold water. Make sure the cloth is VERY cold. Then place it on your face. This will close your pores. Dry your face with the towel, but don't rub, just dab the water off.

Ok, be patient. You’ve only done it once. Do it a few more times! =) You’ll see! Here are a few tips:
Avoid touching your face.
Avoid eating high glycemic foods like potatoes and peanuts.
Drink lots of water! It flushes toxins from your body and helps clear your skin.
OPTIONAL: Exercise a bit more. It can really help relieve stress and acne.
Rub your face with baby powder before bed and in the mornings. This dries up blemishes and helps prevent face invaders.
SO you'll go from pimple planet... a gorgeous pimple free diva.

Comment and let me know if this was useful!
You know you love me,
- LilMissFashun
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  1. Woah :) Well-done, girl! I'll make sure to use those tips whenever I get a pimple, even though I never get them :)

  2. Yeah that sounds really good,im going to try it later :)