Northen Europe!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hello Everyone Yes I am back again! With Northern Europe! It's really exciting ! first of all my Medoll In Northern European Clothes! Does'nt she look Fantastic?

In 1903, Märta Jörgensen had finished a costume she envisioned as the costume for all of Sweden. In regards to the color scheme of the costume she explains: "We need strong colors in the peasant costume. They have an invigorating effect on our senses - and they are necessary as contrast to the deep, green pine forest and the cold, white snow".

The Netherlands doesn't have one single national costume, rather there is a rich variety of traditional dress styles from each of the different provinces. For women, most of these regional costumes include some variety of long modest dress, an apron, and a white hat - one of the most famous examples being a Volendamse Mut.

Your Favorite Moment Northern European Medoll

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