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Friday, April 01, 2011

Hello guys! :D It's Christine here again! I have two great music news and this time they will be shorten! :D

Lady Gaga writes for V Magazine.. :)

"I begin a column for fashion and art in the V Magazine next week" wrote Lady Gaga in Twitter yesterday, on Wednesday, March 30th. Gaga in deed asks from her fans to undertake the photos of the  article. Through the competition "Drawn This Way" it will be elected as victor - from herself Gaga - the one that will send her better photo. In site V it is reported: "In each copy, the Mother Monster will write a column, small editorial inspired from the fashion world". Interested talented people/famous/fans  can send their attendance for the competition in drawnthisway@vmagazine till Sunday #rd of April. The first copy with article from the Lady Gaga will circulate on 12 May.

Britney Spears Live in Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Continuing the promotion of  her 7th album "Femme Fatale", Britney Spears gave this week a live performance in television show the ABC ' Jimmy Kimmel Live '.  Britney sang ' Till The World Ends ', ' Hold It Against With ' and ' Big Fat Bass '. See her appearance below!

Hope you liked my post.
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  1. Very interesting post. Full of REAL NEWS. Thanks so much for a great read!

  2. we wanna more music news ssoon

  3. someone sad to me that reabecca black will join stardoll

  4. I'm so happy about that Lady Gaga editorial in V magazine!

  5. What a great post, I have never read V magazine but I will have to go and look for it now. She is so tanned in the picture =]...