Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello there fabulous followers of Ghandoora The Boss!
I'm LilMissFashun and I'll be writing fun advice for the everyday girl! We go through so much! And some problems (no matter how big or small) just need to be helped by other people who have experienced the same thing.
"My parents bug me"
I've been there.
"I've run away from home...but decided to come back"
I've done that.
"me and my boyfriend want to take y=our relationship to a whole new level"
I've felt the same way
I think I represent the everyday girl in all her triumphs, hardships and overall experiences.
I'm thinking about asking Ghandoora to let me have my own "Advice You Can Trust" tab at the top of the site. From there you'll be able to ask me anything! So until then, I'll just post thing EVERY girl needs to know!
Hope to see you soon! Keep your eye out for my tab!
AND STAY TRUE TO THIS BLOG! Ghandoora's blog has got your back!Stardoll? YEAH! Real life? YOU BET!

YOu know you love me,
LilMissFashun ♥
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  1. Nice introduction! Welcome to Ghandoora The Boss! :D

  2. I'm also a new writer , nice to meet you :)

  3. Welcome dear.!!

  4. Welcome... yes it was a cool intro to yourself. Looking forward to your posts.

  5. Thank you so much for the welcomes! You guys are fab!♥
    Remember, we are ladies ♀ We've gotta stick together! Advice? Don't worry, I've got your back! =D


  6. Ilove your intro :) I can't wait to see your posts :)

  7. Welcome to the blog, You sound cool