Interview with MissRenata666

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hello this is Starchels2010 interviewing Missrenata666, with my second interview this month. Sorry about the plain banner, i was working hard on one, but it wouldn't upload for some reason. Anyway, next month it will be fixed again and then you can look forward to my new banner! Today, I decided to ask MissRenata666 a few questions. I specifically asked her because of her creativity as you can see in her suite and her medoll. 

Question 1: Do you have any better suggestions for us to raise money in Japan, because of this tragic disaster? 

A. I think we should do a little video, and post it on facebook, twitter, bebbo, everything, about what the life of Japan is going through, how it was before, and how it is now and how we can help it to be 
much better! And then ask them to donate money to red cross. 

Question 2: If you could choose to switch lives with a person for one day? Who would it be?

A. Nicki Minaj or Rihanna. I didn't choose them because they are my favorite singers, but because I think they are very fierce and always change their looks and don't care what others think. And unlike me, I always need to know what others think before i do.

Question 3: As you know, many people are discriminating against non superstars and superstars on stardoll these days, especially royalties. How do you feel about this? Do you think this is a reflection on you?

A. I think it is horrible to be picked on because you are non superstar! But..isn't that just what stardoll is about? It's like a cycle! People get picked on and they get persuaded to upgrade to superstar and then..stardoll gets all the money. It's horrible the way it works, isn't it? If I was non superstar, i will feel bad and annoyed and then i would realize..if categories didn't exist on stardoll, it would be nothing but just a dress up game and no fun. I personally think it's harsh, however it helps!

Question 4: Who do you look up to and why?

A. In real life, I look up to my dad, because he is a wonderful person who saved people's lives and died saving someone, which I think is amazing and it really touches me. On the other hand, on stardoll i look up to Sofi (lulla96) & Nour ( Kaami1990), they are amazing and they have an amazing sense of style! They are very honest too, which i think is a very big thing too, a person should have a 100% personality in my perspective. 

Question 5: Do you have any special talents? Do you plan on making a career out of them one day?

A. My talents would include singing and composing music. I don't really think i will make a career out of it, but it is an amazing hobby which is good for your mind. On stardoll i think my talent is.. make-up.

Thank you so much for taking this interview with me, I had a blast. You seem like an excellent "citizen" on stardoll. Please continue to be such a great role model! Thanks again for your time. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this interview..

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As simple as that. You could be tomorrow's celebrity. Thanks again
-Starchels2010/Chelsea ♥
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  2. Yes, it is awesome!
    I would like to be interviewed too!^^

    My stardoll nickname is DEMI_LOVANTO_2 and my google name is:
    DEMI_LOVANTO_2 / evanescenceakii

  3. I liked this interview... and yes, her talent is makeup. But she's got a good sense of who she is, and that's very important.

  4. I would Like to be Interview too!

    Stardoll Nickname : VampireVision
    Google Name : VampireVision

    Lol, Hope so! x

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  6. Heeello !
    I love your work and your questions are very intelligent ^^
    I would like to be interviewed cause I love stardoll and showing other people what I think and my opinion to others !! :)
    My Sd and google nicks are the same :

    xoxo Loveyouu

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  8. i would like 2 be interviewed xoxo

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    Good Luck guysss xx!

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  14. Could I have an interview? I followed and my username is GoldyPup. Ghandoora asked me to follow so I did xx Please interview me!

  15. Follower name: Anna9255

  16. Fab interview , well done ! , I do not mean to sound tacky but this girl is very inspiring. Good job

    p.s it would be epic to get interviewd ^^ !

  17. Good job to you all , i loved it !
    p.s it would be epic to get interviewd ^^ !)

  18. Hey that was perfect however i would like to be interviewed too.
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