Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hey!  Sorry I haven't written, I've been sick with the flu and a high fever. So I'm sitting here with my laptop and decided to let you in on a few tips that have been REALLY useful to me lately. So many things have made life so STRESSFUL! And a good friend of mine gave me some tips…umm, ya, I tweaked them a bit, but not too much! LOL! So check these out! AND TRY THEM:
      ~Stop what you are doing and take several deep breaths. Try to calm down.

~Put things in perspective, no matter how bad your situation is, it will get better. (Trust me, it’s got to! =D)
~Take time for yourself, do something that makes you feel good!  (Like listening to relaxing music.)
~Don't be afraid to ask for help.

~Try writing in a journal about your feelings. (It seriously helps.)

~If you're fighting a deadline, talk to your teacher about getting an extension, then put it to good use, don't leave it until the last minute.

~Don't procrastinate! (This was the hardest for me)! Break assignments up into smaller tasks, make a schedule, and stick to it.

~RELAX!!! Take life one day at a time. (I thought I couldn’t do it because I’m always worried about tomorrow. But you’ve got to give it shot.)

~If something is really getting to you, take a break, and work on something else. (Math bugs me, (no offense to those who like it) when I get sick of it, I just do something else! Like read!)

                       Hope this helps!
               You know you love me,
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  1. 1 comm:)
    The tips are very helpful!
    Thanks so much.
    You're amazing

  2. Thank you for the tips. It's true that the maths is bugging. :P