Interview with AbiiBabeh..x

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Q.1) Why did you join stardoll in the first place and where did you hear about it?
A. I was at my friends house and and her cousin was playing on stardoll. I asked her about it, but forgot to make an account. Approximately a week later, a friend told me about it, so i joined. It sorta kicked off from there...
Q.2) On stardoll do you have a fashion icon you look up to?
A. I don't really have an icon as such as I like to create and set my own fashion but I'm intrigued by the likes of, tonia.ftw, undamyumbrella, n1mka4eva and I always check out Style magazines!
Q.3) They say Rihanna is joining stardoll soon, if you had a choice of a celebrity to join, who would it be and why?
A. Justin Bieber! I totally love him and would  have him on my BFF list. OOFT!
Q.4) Every teenage girl has a celebrity crush, who is yours?
A. Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Max George and Matthew Morrisson. Jack from Burlesque and I really can't list them all, and certainly can't choose my favorite!
Q.5.1)I see you have a great personality and a great character, how do you stay in a good mood?
A. Well.. I'm often bored so I like to think of new and innovative projects, aswell as buy clothes and dress my doll in couture gowns. I recently took up graphic designing but it got me a bit stressed out and not a time eater.
Q.5.2)How can you handle moods well?
A. I would say enroll in things you enjoy best. This site was originally made up so that people could have their own little doll, but as the empire has grown, many people have become critics and i totally disagree. P.s. Read my short rant on my stardoll bullet.
Q.6) Even though you have a wonderful, beautiful medoll, how do you handle critism?
A. I ignore anybody whom 'bullies' my medoll. This site was originally made so that people could have their own little doll, but as the empire has grown, more and more people become 'critiques' and I totally disagree. P.S. Read my short rant on The Stardoll Bullet.
Q.7) )Who is your favourite fashion designer and what is your favourite work by him or her? Does he or she have any designs that are on stardoll by any chance? 
A. Well, my favorite is Versace but Gucci has pretty much stormed to the higher end of the list after Fall 2011 RTW collection. I also admire the creations of Alexander Mcqueen, and Chanel. There have been a number of designs from most of these!

Thank you for your time AbbiiBabeh..x. I Hope we get to speak with you again soon. Never forget to always go for your dreams and don't let anyone change you.
-Starchels2010 (Chelsea)

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