Gorgeous Ghana

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello Everyone I'm back again with another country. I decided that the world potray's to much of a negetive image on Africa were I am from Even though i am not Ghanian!


This is the Ghanian Flag

Here Is My Medoll Again in Ghanian Clothes the starplaza did not have any african clothes So i designed it My self ( If any one want's one Contact Me)

Kente cloth, known locally as nwentoma, is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is native to the Akan people of Ghana

"Kente cloth" has its origin with the Akan people. It is a royal and sacred cloth worn only in times of extreme importance. Kente was the cloth of kings. Over time, the use of kente became more widespread, however its importance has remained

It is such a beautiful cloth isn't it

Kente Cloths, strips of fabric woven by hand in the colors that represent Africa.
Red - Life and Blood, Blue - Innocence, Green -Mother Africa, Mother Earth, Black - People and Unity,Gold - Strength and Fortune

The thing about African cloth is that It can be sewed In many different styles

These Children Are wearing it in whatever Style!

Just go to a local Tailor And They will measure You and sew you a wonderfull style that you can design!

It can be worn on Weddings, Births, Graduations, Ceremonies to bring in new leaders; Whenever you want to respectfully show African heritage.

Anyway Thats It on Ghana! But here Is the Best Bit A Ghanian Medoll Makeover

She is Beautiful Right!
Anyway Tell Me what you Think XOXO
What should my Next Country Be
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  1. Ummm...I like the dress and the makeup,but the hair is..ugly:|

  2. nC design and and outfit!the medoll is so-so

  3. my dads been to Ghana he loved it he brought a lot of ornaments back^^
    xox mwah

  4. Oh this design is cool!!

  5. Its so nice to make something to show how much pride you have in your country...

  6. ha ha Thank you Lovely's i'm not from ghana XOXO