The earth is shaking !

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hey guys!

Its been a year since Haiti & Chile earthquake
and a few weeks ago we knew about Christchurch.

this things remember us that we dont rule the world
that in a secong we can lost everything, our families,
our house, our friends.

Thats why im writting right now, because we have to enjoy
every second of our life, because in this life we are sure about
two things: we born and die.


But this tuesday is an special day,WOMAN DAY! a day dedicated
to the best thing in this world: the woman.

So I want make a comp about this:

1) tell us your opinion about this day, why is so import for you
2) write it in comments.
3) be sure you are follower :D
4) You can win 15 stardollars+ss membership o 20 stardollars.
5) dead line: March 8th.

PS: i need your pass to make you ss. Im 100% trustly dont hack (:
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  1. Women are important because if we weren't here, nobody would be! We are the ones who create new life. Where would the world be without us? We are beautiful blossoms, and we are needed on this earth

  2. Thank you for writing about Christchurch, it seems that you are the only person to of blogged about it on any stardoll blogs.

    Tomorrow/Tuesday will be 2 weeks since the quake that has destroyed my city.
    It may look like a war zone but our Canterbury spirit is going strong.

  3. Well..I like this day I am going to the cinema with my familey to watch comedy movie called "Big mama's house 3" iit's gonna me fun ;D with my familey we gonna eat pop-corn and drink fuzzy drinks :D also it's the last day of our holidays so we gonna do lots of nice things today :) me and my siblings and parents..

  4. no comment 8 march is the best day in year (L) ♥

  5. Women day is very important to me because it's the only day I can boss around with the boys and tell them "it's women's day so you better respect me". Men have all the other days in the year but women only have this one so it's a day where we deserve to be treated well. Plus behind every great man there is a woman and men aren't the ones who have babies WE ARE. Power to the females :D

  6. Women is important of the ideal for the innate ability to care, love and sacrifice. She plays persistent roles of a mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, guide and teacher. She is the most patient as well as the most courageous person.
    If women werent exist,we would not have life.!

  7. women.
    we are the best in the world.
    if we were not, the world would be nothing.because we are her beauty.
    we born children,if we will not live,the world would not have people.
    this day is the best in the world.and is the day when children and every people respect women,isn't cool?
    yes is ...
    look this:

  8. about the earthquake im really sorry and i cried when i heard about it...about the women day im translating smth that i have dedicated to my mother...

  9. That is nit a easy Question.But i can answer it.
    Its always About A Guy always! That guy doe's that and that Gy doe's this! And this day they think about all the Womens on earth.Dasnt matter are you Muslim ore you have a nother skin color dasn't matter.its al about Womens.And what is say.If women ore a girl get pregnant Its hard for the women.Girl Guze she can died with the baby so she take 's the risk of dying because well not every woman gets her confinement good!And because ife whe don't live? You would not have a live. So be thankful that we have taken the risk.! i hope its a lot

  10. yeah,the 8March is a very,very special day,and i give my,and very very special is THE LOVE.I was born on 9 March.And i was a gift for my mother on the 8 March:)And is a very special day...we will go to the shopping...other in the park.other we will speaking in the family together:D

  11. I think its good to have a womens day , I was so shocked to hear about christchurch It was so devestating it happened.

    In school that very week we were learning about earthquakes and our teacher said she was sorry to have to talk about it when such a sad thing had happened. I hope everyone in christchurch is able to put their lives together and recover enough to have a happy life

  12. @moonlight I agree thank you so much for this post

  13. _____________________________________
    Women is important, she is beauty of nature. She need to love :) Woman is giving birth to every single person here :) I am gonna make something special for womens in my family

  14. 1) tell us your opinion about this day, why is so import for you - Well, All Women Are Different And Independent. I Was Selected To Go On A Trip About This Day But Unfortunately, I'm Not Going To Be There On The Day.

    Well, To Support Christchurch I Dressed My Doll Up In Black & Red. It Was Posted On A Blog And I Thought, I Have To DoSomething To Help So I Did My Doll Up! x

    -Immi (:

  15. Well I am a boy but I think this day is important because, Woman dont really get any appreciation for all the hard work they do! Men usually sit around the TV watching football while the woman are raising children! In some countries woman who try to go to school get sprayed with acid! This is wrong and I think Woman Appreciation Day will make woman everywhere feel special! Because all woman are special in their own way! :)

    My Username: NorthGirl89

    (BUT IM A BOY!)

  16. This day is very important for every women because in this day women became equal with men and we do what we want and when we want.We have equal rights as men!!!Yupi :P


  17. Being a women,its the best gift that God could ever given to u.8 march its important for every women in the world and someone goes out with his familly,someone protests but has anyone think about someone that could never join this day?I live in Albania,with a lot of problems but that what i saw today on TV really shooked me.And i want to share the story with all u...There was a women about 26 years old ,married with 3 children.Right now its everything normal but she really had a lot of problems..Her first child was paralyzed because she didnt have money to sent him to the doctor,Her second child was suffering from asthma because they live in a cold place.And thnx God her third child only 2 months its fine.When the journalist asked her about women day she said:"i have never received a gift.THe only dress that i wore was on my wedding day.Since then i didnt know what is to celebrate with my familly..."Her only wish is that her daughter have a cure and be safe....I really cried when i listen to this.And this is the reason why women day its important for me.BECAUSE ON THIS DAY WE CAN ALL REMEMBER THAT NOT EVERYONE ITS LIKE US,There is someone that needs us and a day for year isnt enough......(sorry i couldn bring u the video but she isnt still uploaded....)

  18. We are really important ...You can say why ? No women no life.It is easy If the women will not exist the world will no exist , too.I really like that I'm a woman(girl).I am simple proud of it !!!8 march is nothing to compare what women have done to this world.