Pet Show !!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Did you remember " Pet Show " ??
 I think " NO "
well last year i made something called " Pet Show " and it's about give us picture for your pet then there will be pet show if we manage to have great enteries !!
but for sorry no one joined it :S
but yesterday while i'm checking the comments .. i found that we have the first entry

Sam & Harry !

2 cute dogs make me remember of my dog " Max " ;( and also of " Harry Potter " heheh XD
Thanks for xxevie23xx ( our writer ) for sending for us this pictue :)

Who is your favourate ??
Sam OR Harry ?
Want to join ?? Click here
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  1. are allowed cats?or its just for dogs?

  2. I couldn't choose a favourite they are too cute...

  3. WOww cutiee puppies.!
    Sorry Harry I like more Sam!!

  4. I'll probably send you a photo with my adorable beautiful cat but I don't know if you can handle it....just kidding ;P

  5. Aww, sorry 'bout the blurry pic guys, I'll tell them you liked them :) Just took them for a walk, they are still not tired!

  6. it looks like a foxy terrior lol : ]

  7. @ Ambra : It's open for all kinds of pets :D

  8. Harry is soo cute!! I would've entered but I have no pets =[

  9. I love them :D So cute, I have a dog too, his name is Roco