Competition Time!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Now everyone, I did an incredibly, incredibly HARD task last time, therefore I am doing a much easier one now.

1. Name this model: 

2. Name what she was modelling...

3. Name WHERE she was born and WHEN she was born.

4. Write your answers in a comment. But...It's only the FIRST ONE TO GET IT RIGHT!

Win: 10sd!

Thanks everyone, 


*News Update:

I did really well in a bunch of auditions I went to in school, I got the part I wanted. However, there are loads of lines...Does anyone have any advice for how I can learn them?
^^ Answers are more important than this :) ^^

Lovee you x
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  1. Hahaa Im trying to look for the model right now, but look what I found!!! It looks just like your medolls hair ;)

  2. Sarah Murdoch (born May 31, 1972) is an Australian model and actress. She has been the host of "America's Next Top Model" since 2008. Ummm Not sure what she was modeling, cant really find the pic though... this was harder than i thoughtt :P

    A few ways I make myself memorize the lines is that I repeat it over and over again, and go through the entire play with ur classmates so you understand the story more quickly! Read the script through at least three times, then set it aside and use improv to reinforce your understanding of character and motivation. Or maybe Break long script into small pieces, memorize a few each day :) Lastly, dont panic, and dont be nervous! Youll do great :)

  3. I think that is Sarah Murdoch but Gurliciousbabe said before me so..

  4. I'm afraid girls, you're both wrong. You are SO CLOSE though. It has something to do with the : 'Next Top Model series'. Great information Gurliciousbabe though :) Thanks so much for the advice, luckily the script and lines are in verse so I am so happy it is so much easier to do, I've learned just under half of it now. P.S, who watched Waterloo Road yesterday? Gruesome stuff!

  5. Oh I recognise her!
    Charlotte Holmes from season 6 of bntm. She was modeling Revlon cosmetics. She was born on the 29.09.1988 in Hammersmith, London, UK.
    Hope I'm right :)

  6. I like Sarah Murdoc,i love her hair:x

  7. Yeah, I thought it was Charlotte, like Sd_is_da_best said, but I didn't know all the details (:

  8. Oh my god, you are so close. The only thing is Sinead, you got what she was modelling wrong. Give it another go hunni :)

  9. Charlotte Holmes
    Revlon Make-up
    Torpoint, Cornwall
    Born- 29.09.1988

  10. You are ALL SO CLOSE! I'll say again, the only thing you have wrong is WHAT SHE IS MODELLING! Think about the only thing she has on. Is it a hairband? Or....

  11. how sad i cant regornize her...

  12. cong sd_is_da_best / Sinead because win this comp

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