Alexander McQueen resort 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Im sure many of you have heard of the amazing, artistic and unique designer brand: Alexander McQueen (passed away 11 February 2010). He made a very strong statement in the fashion idustry, and was loved by many famous celebrities like, Lady GaGa and Jessie J, and of course many girls from Sex and the City.
Alexander McQueen Resort 2011
For the collection was very remembering of when he was alive, since he was very known for the unsual and unique prints. The shoes were not very interesting as I thought I would expect something way more artistic (but since its not Lee who designed it, I guess things have changed).
Alexander McQueen Resort 2011
However, I loved the collection and I love the glamor and the 'summer' feel it has. Very gorgeous and defiantly something I would buy on stardoll. :)

Alexander McQueen Resort 2011

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