Top Commenter Winner :D ( March )

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello guys .. miss you all so so so much ..
sorry i'm not active here alot ..
 because i have tests these days and also because i'm doing new thing for the blog !

And now like every month we have winner for Top Commenter

** Note : The Commentators count last 5000 comments ! **
* Note : Special thanks for everyone who commented !! *

as you see


atonished me so so so so much .. she entered the in super powers ..
she put her touch in our blog . she put over 75 comment in our blog

congratz to her .. contact me in my GB in 24 hours to get your 20 SD ^^ 
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Alexander McQueen resort 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Im sure many of you have heard of the amazing, artistic and unique designer brand: Alexander McQueen (passed away 11 February 2010). He made a very strong statement in the fashion idustry, and was loved by many famous celebrities like, Lady GaGa and Jessie J, and of course many girls from Sex and the City.
Alexander McQueen Resort 2011
For the collection was very remembering of when he was alive, since he was very known for the unsual and unique prints. The shoes were not very interesting as I thought I would expect something way more artistic (but since its not Lee who designed it, I guess things have changed).
Alexander McQueen Resort 2011
However, I loved the collection and I love the glamor and the 'summer' feel it has. Very gorgeous and defiantly something I would buy on stardoll. :)

Alexander McQueen Resort 2011

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Real life clothes!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

here is an a real life - catwalk outfit that we find on stardoll!!!I do not remember the designer though :)
Which version u like most?
xoxo sa...gataki
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Music News!

Hey guys! :D How are you? It's me, Christine !I am back again with music news!

Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber : record for the most... dislikes on youtube!
Friday of” Rebecca Black and “Baby of” Justin Bieber have millions views in YouTube -60 Mill. and 500 Mill. respectively however they possess an other record: that for most “dislikes”! Contrary to Facebook that has only Like, in YouTube the users can, in each video, “declare” and their dissatisfaction. Thus, notorious “Friday” that was propagated by mouth in mouth and was written in all blogs and musically sites - the often accompanied by the characterization “the worst song ever! ” - it tends it exceeds “Baby of” Justin Bieber in… haters! At this moment “Friday” but also “Baby” have above 1,1 million dislikes!!

Enrique Iglesias with Britney Spears on summer tour together!

With Enrique Iglesias will tour this year the summertime Britney Spears in Northern America, as it announced in the emission of ABC “Good Morning America” today the morning. Tour will begin on 17 June from Sacramento and it will pass from 26 cities, while at the duration are added also other dates.The two stars will exploit common live tour in order to promote their last CD works: Britney her new album “Femme Fatale” and Enrique his English/Spanish album “Euphoria”. “The Circus Tour of” Britney 2009 made profits that exceeded the 120 millions dollars and it attracted above 1,3 millions spectators in 84 concerts.

Follow the dates of tour:

June 17 Sacramento, CA Power Balance Pavilion
 June 18 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion
 June 20 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center
 June 24 Anaheim, CA Honda Center
 June 25 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand
 June 28 Portland, OR Rose Garden Arena
 June 29 Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome
 July 1 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena
 July 4 Winnipeg, MB MTS Centre
 July 6 St. Paul, MN Xcel Center
 July 8 Chicago, IL United Center
 July 12 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
 July 13 Houston, TX Toyota Center
 July 15 New Orleans, LA New Orleans Arena
 July 17 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
 July 20 Orlando, FL Amway Center
 July 22 Miami, FL American Airlines Arena
 July 26 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena
 July 28 Detroit, MI Palace of Auburn Hills
 July 30 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
 July 31 Washington, DC Verizon Center
 August 2 Uniondale, NJ Nassau Coliseum
 August 5 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
 August 8 Boston, MA TD Garden
 August 11 Montreal, QC Bell Centre
 August 13 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre

So if you live somewhere near.. Don't miss them!

Adele reached Madonna's record on UK charts!!

Reaching the record that possessed up to now Madonna with “The Immacuate Collection” 1990, Adele and her album “21” are found in the #1 of British chart for ninth possessed week. At the same time, her album “19”  is found in the #2, while singles “Someone Like You” and “Rolling In The Deep” do not say they fall from Top of 10 UK singles chart. The name of Adele was heard first time in 2008 when the 19-years-old ( then) Brittany accomplished to comes out first in Poll of BBC for Sound of 2008. Debut album “19” it has become 4 times platinum in Great Britain  and gold in America, while  “21”, in few only months, has sold above 1,5 million copies in Great Britain , while it  has become #1  in American albums chart.  In 2009 Adele gained two rewards Grammy (best new artist and best female pop vocal performance) for “Chasing Pavements”.And the success is continued! In this year's ceremony of Grammys Adele came out alone in the scene and sang  “Someone Like You” only with escort of piano. In a season where most artists chase the most impressive choreography and the fascinating settings, Adele accomplished - only with her voice makes the song - and second single the album #1 the same week. In February the talented Brittany accomplished becomes the first artist afterwards their Beatles that he accomplished he has simultaneously the two albums and two singles in top 5 UK charts.

Hope you liked my post! Can't wait to see your sweet comments! ^^ Questions? Here!
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Video of the week

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New on our blog " Video of the week " ...
every week i will make this .. i'm going to choose an subject and make post about it !

my choise for today is ..


Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is a flowering plant used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool.

The name is also used for dye preparations derived from the plant, and for the art of temporary tattooing based on those dyes. Additionally, the name is misused for other skin and hair dyes, such as black henna or neutral henna, which do not derive from the plant.

and here is a video to show you how to put it on the skin

What about you ??
Did you know " Henna " before ??
What do you want to see next week ??
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Judith Leiber - The cutest accessorie!

These handbags are the cutest things I have ever seen, they are made out of real crystals and they give any outfit that pop of glam! These may be expensive clutches, but it certainly inspires you with different styles of accessories.
LuckyHard CandyStrawberry Cupcake
These Oh-So-glamorous hand bags and clutches come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and of course prices.
These beautiful handbags are like artwork, they show creativity to the maximum, the interesting thing about Judith Leiber collections is, you dont know what to expect, so its always surprising to the audiences on what comes out next. I think thats why it has become so popular in magazines such as vogue.

There are clutches/handbags for any occasion, whether you are going to a ball, a dinner party or you are going clubbing with friends for your birthday you will always find something that will match your outfit, perfectly.

Images from:
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How to look like a VIP!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

According to your comments Rihanna is the 2nd beloved VIP after Scarlett :)
So here is a look inspired by her:

Do you like her??
Would you try the look?
xoxo sa...gataki

p.s. Which VIP should be next???
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Music News

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunrise Avenue's new album, "out of style"

 OUT OF STYLE, SUNRISE AVENUE in third album “that sounds rocker and more honest than ever”.  And if you wonder why a rewarded juvenile group from Finland with 2 disks already in his asset, sales of up to 500.000 copies and sold out concerts per the planet, feels the need to be again at the top, the answer gives music itself…After the platinum  “On The Way To Wonderland” (2006) and "Popgasm" (2009) and the live album "Acoustic Tour 2010", Sunrise Avenue have been able to run by themselves the project of their new album.

Lady Gaga composes for Jennifer Lopez  

Lady Gaga composed two songs for Jennifer Lopez 's new album  “Love” .The singer collaborated with the musical producer RedOne, that is also basic factor of new Lopez 's album, in two uptempo pieces that were completed before few days. “For those who they do not know it, Lady Gaga wrote with me TWO songs for JLo, “Invading My Mind” and one  that comes at an early date!!! OMG!!!” wrote enthusiastic RedOne in twitter. The album will release on May 3rd.

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Pet Show ^^


Today we have new meoo hehe sorry i mean new cat .. she look like angels sleeeeeeeep .. zzzz
She is Juliet because there was a Romeo too !!

Thanks Indigo26 for sharing with us these pictures
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Gorgeous Ghana

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello Everyone I'm back again with another country. I decided that the world potray's to much of a negetive image on Africa were I am from Even though i am not Ghanian!


This is the Ghanian Flag

Here Is My Medoll Again in Ghanian Clothes the starplaza did not have any african clothes So i designed it My self ( If any one want's one Contact Me)

Kente cloth, known locally as nwentoma, is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is native to the Akan people of Ghana

"Kente cloth" has its origin with the Akan people. It is a royal and sacred cloth worn only in times of extreme importance. Kente was the cloth of kings. Over time, the use of kente became more widespread, however its importance has remained

It is such a beautiful cloth isn't it

Kente Cloths, strips of fabric woven by hand in the colors that represent Africa.
Red - Life and Blood, Blue - Innocence, Green -Mother Africa, Mother Earth, Black - People and Unity,Gold - Strength and Fortune

The thing about African cloth is that It can be sewed In many different styles

These Children Are wearing it in whatever Style!

Just go to a local Tailor And They will measure You and sew you a wonderfull style that you can design!

It can be worn on Weddings, Births, Graduations, Ceremonies to bring in new leaders; Whenever you want to respectfully show African heritage.

Anyway Thats It on Ghana! But here Is the Best Bit A Ghanian Medoll Makeover

She is Beautiful Right!
Anyway Tell Me what you Think XOXO
What should my Next Country Be
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Pet Show ~

Hello guys .. today Hermione75 would like to share this picture of her dog with us .
but for sorry we don't know any information about him :S
but i like the (( pose )) hehe and his color

what about you ??
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Winner of Competition...Announced!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The winner is...


Yes, she got the most votes and she made up THIS outfit:

Everyone throughly enjoyed the touches of red, just like me. I immediately saw the red and it took my mind off of the dark trousers, but I still noticed the slight sparkle of the trousers keeping me interested in that black. Well deserved winner. You get 10sd! You must contact me in my guestbook (xxevie23xx)

Congrats ~

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April Hotbuys

Here is April Hotbuys .. Look amazing .
i love them medoll + the shoes + clutch + glasses
look WOW <3

What about you ??
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OMG I`m so hapPpPpPpy we are


you can't imagine what i'm feeling right now ..
this is an big achievement i'm proud because we managed to reach 900 !!

Next goal = 1000 Followers !

Special thanks for everyone who helped us from followers , writers , readers :)
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Hello! & Prada S/S 2011 collection

Hi girls, my name is Chloe and I am a new writer for this blog, I will be writing reports on real fashion designers, this will help educate you on what is HOT this season, so lets get started on with my favorite collection for S/S (spring / summer) so far...

Prada Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Since its almost summer, Prada could impress me as much with this collection. The team used very bright bold, colors - which I am loving, and its quiet surprising since last Summer it was all florals. I love the dresses and skirts, and of course the trendy, quirky shoes.

Prada Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
I am also impressed with the models, they all look really strong and in power - this also fits with the strong edgy theme. I think most of the clothes are wearable too, so its perfect for anyone who wants to show off a lil luxury in their life.
Prada Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearPrada Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Over all this collection seems very flawless and perfect, I loved every outfit and every model - they all look healthy and beautiful. I loved it so much and was soo amazed by it, it is by FAR my favorite collection from Prada ever (usually I am not so impressed) but i love this one, and I hope you enjoy this article.

Until next time, ciao.

Veiw the complete collection:
And veiw my tutorial for the Prada inspired makeup: HERE

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Real life clothes!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today Stardoll updated the PPQ collection in Starplaza with new sparkling-glamorous clothes!!
So here are some clothes that we find in that shop , isnpired by PPQ catwalks!!!!!

Do you like the new PPQ ??
xoxo , sa...gataki
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I'm NCG 4th time !!

No ! Really NO
i can't belive my eyes .. like every month on this date (22) i'm NCG
OMG .. i have no word to describe my feelings .
Thanks for everyone who voted for me

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HapPpPpy Mothers Day

Monday, March 21, 2011

♥It's 21.Mar !!♥

Happy mothers day ! well i don't believe that there is a real day to celebrate ..
but i wish a good health to our MAMA ^^

What about you ??
Did you buy a gift for her ??
What do you want to say to your mum ??

 share it with us ^^
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Winner...It's up to you....

Hello everyone.
I have all of your entries for now and I am going to let you decide who wins this comp:
(click to enlarge them all)






I am sorry if yours didn't get through but I chose my favourites to go through. Sorry again!
I have numbered them so you can vote easier. Vote in comments for your favourite (I vote 4 - Example).

Good luck :)

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