Winter Tops

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

                                                                                By KKRRBB78

Just the other day, in the morning i was scrambling to get ready for, i didn't firget something, I couln't pick out a shirt. A shirt! When i'm picking out my clothes finding a pretty shirt is my biggest struggle.

Winter Shirts...

Before you buy a shirt ask yourself these questions...

"Would I wear this?"          "Is this me?"  
                 "Do I like this shirt?"    "Will i actually wear it to school?"

Make sure you can picture yourself in it!

The hottest shirts are...

Camisoles (Camis) they're tank tops, some have some fancy lace at the bottom, you can wear them under a shirt and make sure you can see it a little bit! Today, i wore a black shirt with buttons on the side, and a small V neck, and a white aeropostale camisole underneath, i could see the lace, and it completed my outfit!

Plain T-shirts-yeah, they're...flat out boring, but if you mix them up with some accesories, jewlery-or in my case an open purple plaid shirt, they just make it look perfect! You can get so many colors, and they go with everything! Even, add some necklaces, and a belt! It completes the outfit!

and last.....

Graphic Tees: What are they??? Well, Graphic tee's are t-shirts with some logos, pictures, and designs on them. Have you ever seen a girl with a shirt that says Aeropostale or Hollister on it? Well that's a graphic tee! It has a logo on it! You can get graphic tees anywhere, for some low prices. It can have anything you want on it!
                                                              Graphic Tee Example
Made By KKRRBB78
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