We are 702 followers ;)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yes finally we are 702 followers ..
Thank you alot guys for everyone who followed us that mean alot for me !!

and sure everytime i got amazing things from you :D

Thank you : xximmiixx

and there is another interview sorry i forgot we made it !!

and the thing that it's suprise me alot that there was a night award something like this !
i founded that there is girls choosed me even i don't ask them to do this !!

Thank you alot guys ! everytime you made something that made me red like tomato !!
i love you all

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  1. Good luck Ghandeer I hope you win the awards and congratulations on 702 followers!

  2. Omg congratulation im so happy for u ♥ hope u will get 1000 followers sooonn♥

  3. oh and ofcourse goodluck with the awards :D im so happy for you

  4. How nice. And congrats on the number of followers. I bet you are in the 7th heaven.

  5. Awrhh!! :) ILYSM!! I Write Tht AGES Ago!! LOL! x Get Well Soon BTW :)

  6. @Anonymous...
    WTH?! What's Tht Got To Do With The Gawjus Ghadeer?! <3

  7. Wow I am very happy for you.
    I wish you have a blog with many many many many followers
    Also good luck!

  8. Congratulations...wish u to have more than 10000 followers :)

  9. Ghandoora,you have a lot of followers,congrats;)

  10. Ghandoora,you have a lot of followers,congrats;)

  11. yayyy! this blog is absolutelyy awesome ♥