Valentine Gift Competition

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Gift Competition

Hey There Readers! I Have A New Comp For Valentines Day
1st Winner Will Get 25 stardollars
2nd Will Get 15 stardollars
You need to answer this question
''To whom you will give Valentine Gift?Why?Let Me Know Your Reason!''

Write your answer in comment with your username 
Be sure you are follower !!

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  1. I would give the valentine gift to my Lovely boyfriend,

    We met at an internet game and we are already 2 years together,

    We have a very special band & i love him so much,

    i dont want to have someone else in my life, HE is my Everything,

    Stardoll name: Amandaapje

  2. i would definitely give my mom a bunch of roses coz i really love her & she inspires me everyday she is like a role model to me & she is more then a mother to me, she treats me like a BFF so i'm really comfortable talking to her .... when i grow up i want to be like her ♥

  3. btw stardoll name : Danceblack-love

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  5. I Would Give The Valentine Gift To My Lovely Mum.


    Because My Mum Has & Always Will Be There For Me. I Could Give Her A Bunch Of Flowers But The Biggest Thing I Could Give Her Is All The Love In My Heart.

    Stardoll Name: xxImmiixx

    Signed: xxImmiixx / Immi x

  6. I would probably give my Valentine gift to my family. They are my everything and without them, I wouldn't be who I am now. They helped me trought out so many things and I love them to bits. I tell them "I love you" everyday, but I want to show it to them more. A bunch of roses, a family dinner and everything it takes to make them happy.

    Nextpingugirl is my Stardoll name.

  7. hmm i dont know i don't have boyfriend and i think i will give it one of my friends,boy or girl,, beacouse i love my friends,i love them,i love more that my life i would like that one person give me one gift too,beacouse anybody never sent me giffts and i would like to have one,from stardoll from you ghandora,I LOVE U my dear..

  8. I am going to give my sisters a packet of love hearts and a hand made card each because they are both so sweet and put up with me being awkward and stuuf all year. I love my sisters to pieces and they are both really sweet and always make me something too.
    Its like a tradition in ourhouse to give everyone a gift and to show your appreciation ^_^

  9. I don't have a boyfriend, so i would give that gift to my grandfather. He faught in 3 wars and is still alive and breathing. He is my hero and i love him so much. He may not be perfect, but we spend time together, he always brightens my day, and is proud of me. He brings out the sun on rainy days and even when your wrong he tells you you're right. I love you Pop!
    SD Username: KKRRBB78

  10. The gift will be for my boyfriend,because i relly love him..He's so smart,he looks very good..but i don't know...He love me? Or not? I hope he love me:X:X
    Because i love him

  11. I would give my valentines day gift to my stepdad.
    He was there for me when my real dad left my mom and I to live by ourslves and he has been the best dad ive ever had.I love him.


  12. I would give it to my best friends and my role model. The reason I would give a valentine to my bests freind is because they were there for me when I was at my happiest and my saddest. My role model is named Miss. Simmons and she is one of my teachers and she has pushed me to become the young lady, I am today. She has shone me the way to learn how to be content in life. I can always depend on my best friend and Miss. Simmons. Thats why I would give them Valentines.

  13. I would give it to my friends!
    Where would you be without your friends? think of all the times they have stood up for you, helped you, incouraged you, cheered you on! A boyfriend, isnt always necessarily gonna be there for you, they come and go, but your friends? do they ever dump you or mess you around? Your best friends certainly do not!I love my friends as much as any boyfriend!

  14. Well, I have no boyfriend to give him my valentine's gift... So my gift would go to all my friends who are always here when I need them. Because they deserve my whole love and my whole self! My friends are my treasures, my light and my heart! They are my everything !I don't love them, I adore them!! To them, my gift will be my world!! SD name: demi_lovanto_2

  15. I'd give it to whoever was in my heart. Whoever i care about the most, my family, my friends, and even the lonely people who could use something on valentine day. My valentines go out to all the people in my heart :]


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  18. i will give valentine gift my mother anf father...and my boyfriend too one red rose ♥♥♥♥ i love him :)

    nickname: select-kevia

  19. I would give the valentine gift to my parents , because they really love me and accept me the way I am , and I will give them my love ♥ not a plastic gift , or something like that . I really love them , and I hope they know this . And anyway the are proud of me , and I'm proud of them . Oni_Av13

  20. I will give the valentine gift to my boyfriend. We r 4 years together and i made him a special album with our photos, stories about happy moments with him and memories like tickets from the concerts, cinema, zoo :). I made it coz i love symbolic gifts. Hope he will like it and also that we will read it, watch photos and memories and laugh when we become grandparents :). He deserve it coz he was always there for me, truly loved me, made me happy, and saved my life last year when i accidentally fell from the 2nd floor.:( He deserve everything on this world. ♥ I will also give valentine gift to my mom coz tommorow is also her b-day and she is my biggest support and she is one of rare persons that always try to help me and understand me..I made a special designed letter with hearts, flowers, our photos, story and song about her, i know she was working to earn enough money for good life...when she was pregnant with me and nobody even helped her, thats why i love to make my mom happy and i am always for her...i love u mom♥

  21. I would give Valentine gift to my boyfriend. We are together 8 months and i love him so much. He helps me with my problems, he keeps me smile, whn i am with him, i feel like princess :) I will give him something small, but the biggest gift is his and my love :)


  22. I would give my splendid gift to my sweet mother. There are two reasons and two things I would do:

    1. She absolutely loves surprises. This would be a fantastic gift and surprise that she would cherish long after February is over.

    2. Unfortunately, my dad is away in Barcelona, Spain this Valentines for business and work. Its so upsetting for her because she loved last year. They had Mussels and Fries for dinner!

    WHAT I'D DO:

    1. Buy her a big bunch of flowers and say it's from my dad.

    2. Express how much I love her and how talented she is. I would buy her a beautiful bracelet and a massive box of chocolates.

    I hope you understand how much I love her and why she would love me too especially if she found out that I wrote this for her.

    Username: xxevie23xx

  23. I'd give my valentines gift to my daddy! If theres someone in my life who's always there for me, it's definitely Papa S. <3 I'm his little princess, although I'm all grown up, and he's my biggest hero. All he wants is good for me, and that's so hard to find in a boyfriend these days, let alone a best friend! Happy Valentines day Papa!