ss and non ss outfits

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First I'd like to apologize I didnt posted, ive been with no internet for 4 long days D:

So, I made the non-ss outfit first.
You can see its pretty colorful :D
Well, I was happy I got my internet back.
Its pretty simple: a top, a skirt, a belt and pumps.
And its cute.

And this is the SS oufit.
I really like this HB tee, but its really hard to find a bottom that actually looks good. First I thought on that basics high wasted skirt in black, from Elle, but we dont have in starplaza.
So I used this other skirt, to make it look like a dress.
I like it, Id buy it, but I dont have stardollars D':

Thats it, bye
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  1. I really like the non ss outfit better =]butthey are both so well made

  2. i think that the both are the best....i like the colors that are used..

  3. I like both outfits, they're so cute :)

  4. Yeahh I love them both but more non superstar!

  5. like both!the non ss is really cute :)

  6. wow i like the non SS 1 the best and am gonna buy it with play and earn next month!

  7. There both really good!! Most non superstar people Struggle with clothes, now they don't need to!