Spring/Winter Wear

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hey stardoll chicks :) Is it getting warmer where you live (if it's cold)? Well, today it got up to 60 degrees where i live. Now, that means spring is on it's way. Now, you have to pack away those fat coats, and all those gloves and scarves and start deciding what to wear. Here are some tips on how to look cute when it's starting to get warm...

Denim Jackets!
They're cute, comfortable, and cheap! Denim Jackets are being worn everywhere. You can just throw them on, on top of a tank top, or a plain tee shirt! So many girls love them, and if you love wearing jeans, then these jackets will go perfect with them!

Tank Tops
They're better than cami's i say...even though their alike. Tank tops are better. They're comfortable and they always have good deals. They could be 2 for $4 or 10 for $10 sometimes. Plus, you can wear these everyday under clothes, or you can show it off. Look up there ^^ you can see that tank top with that denim jacket in the middle. Tank tops also come in soooo many different colors!

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  1. I like the tank tops..nice colours =]

  2. i don't have any denim jackets...i don't really like them...but i have some tank tops

  3. I like this style but I wish stardoll would release more denim jackets as some are a strange shape...

  4. i've always taught tanks tops where awesome! but my sis things am crazy!

  5. I love denim jackets and I have 2 of them, a blue one and a grey one

  6. i like this blue one....but even the others are fine.....