Let's count it !!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Today when i go to the broadcast .. i was look like this :O and this too o_O
i saw that 97hamoood97 is in number one in broadcasting .. yesterday i saw his massages
" cover cover cover cover "
well he made 1227 broadcast .. let's count how much he spent

1227 × 5 = 6135 stardollares !!!!!!!

and ta da .. he didn't win anything .

i visited him and he look cute and crazy .. love his look !!
i remembered him from the last year he made this look :S

WOW ! he spent 6135 stardollares on nothing ! i wish i had this much of stardollares :S

what about you ??
isn't he look cool ?!
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  1. OMG! I have A LOT LESS thank he spent! Weirdo!

  2. i think that Covergirl is a little fake.. You see more ppl spending all there money on broadcast and they never win, wich is pretty much unfair,

    However. i think he looks realy cool and should have deserved it.

  3. He is SPECIAL...Not usual, so he totally deserved to be coverboy...to bad that he spent soooo much stardollars and he didn't won anything

  4. i knowz! one time i spent 100sd on it….

  5. o.o Wow... That's something lol.

  6. wow....6000 sd for broadcasts??omg...

  7. Whhhhat? That's more than! 80 euros! Don t waste your money, guys!

  8. wow he looks cool.
    but he spent so many sd.... :(