Interview with Luka_Jewel

Monday, February 07, 2011

Hello i am Starchels2010 here interviewing my second person called Luka_jewel
I asked her a few questions:
Q.1: What is your favorite thing about stardoll?
A. My favorite thing about stardoll is the fact that I can get friends from all over the world. The other thing i like is i can be whoever i want to be and no one and nothing can stop us here!
Q.2: When can you see inner beauty?
A. The inner beauty can't be compared to anything in the world. A girl's inner beauty in her heart in my view. Maybe we are not so beautiful, or we can be, but the main thing is to be true to yourself.
Q.3: Who do you look up to and why?
A. Maybe i don't follow anyone else's style, but i am highly inspired by DKNY. It is my favorite brand, so i try to collect as many as I can. I love it a lot, so i can be a bit inspired by her. Mostly I try to make my own unique style..whatever I want. Just always chose to believe in yourself each step of the way.
Q.4: What is style to you?
Style is something that i can be in my own way. I am a moody person, so mainly whatever suits me and my medoll. I love my own style, I am inspired by myself. If i could give anyone advice on what they want to wear, I would say mainly those colours that  suits you! It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks!
Thank you for letting me take this interview with you Luka_Jewel it was an absolute pleasure questioning you!  I think you have amazing answers and an amazing style and personality.

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