Interview with .Emma.x.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hello my name is Starchels2010 or Chelsea. I am a new interview writer here. Anyway the picture at the top is .emma.x. I chose her to be the first person i interview. I asked her a few questions.
Q.1: What is the most important part of stardoll to you?
A: For me the most important part of stardoll is being who i can't be in real life, having amazing clothes that i can't afford in real life. For example just now my medoll has bright blue hair, I really want to dye my hair in real life but my mom won't let me. And for the clothes, on stardoll you can own clothes from all the top designers, but in real life that would cost a fortune. I also love the fact that on stardoll you can meet lots of new friends from different cultures.
Q.2: When can you see inner beauty?
A: I can see inner beauty when someone has a great sense of humor and doesn't care about what other people think about them...someone who is caring and loves you for who you are!

Q.3: Who do you look up to and why?
A: My nana is my dad's mom.She is 56 years old and is quite overweight but i think she looks beautiful on the inside and on the outside, she is into fashion just like me, her favorite thing to do it shopping, it's almost what she lives for! Some people (my mum) says she wears clothes and make-up that are too young for her, i completely disagree with this,  I think she should be allowed to wear what she wants and that people are as young as they feel! I really love my fabulous young nana, she is one of the most kindest, most amazing people in the whole world!

Q.4: What is style to you?
A: Style to me in being unique and daring, wearing what you  feel, not what is popular!

Thank you for letting me interview you Emma those are amazing, honest answers.
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