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Friday, February 04, 2011

Fashion Tips For February 2011

Hey! It's KKRRBB78! I'm back writing for Ghandoora's blog! :) Tehe..well this time there was a little twist...instead of doing comp's im doing some fashion tips!

Well, anyways..Valentines Day is coming up soon, so they might effect our clothing a little bit...with all of the hearts, red, and pink..BUT not for me. Here's whats hot...

Flat Boots! There are many kinds, here are some pictures

cool right? Well anyways, you could also wear uggs!

But, now for the clothing. The hottest type of shirts i've seen around are v-necks, plaid, plane, aeropostale, hollister, abercrombie, and more!

Usually, you can add some of your favs to boost up your style. Try wearing scarfs, necklaces, jewlery, belts, whatever your in too!

Now the pants...Skinny Jeans and Jeggins, there so popular, and they look amazing with uggs and flat boots!
Jeggins are skinny jeans, but made of a different material, and skinnier...tighter.

Anyways, when you get outside-in most areas-it's freezing cold! So, what comes to mind? That giant fur coat in the end of your closet...NO WAY. Skip that and you can either wear some vests with fur in them (so comfy) or you can wear a sweatshirt and then a skinnier jacket.

Good luck! Stay warm, and keep in style!!
-KKRRBB78 :)
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  1. I wish I had a pair of jeggings they look really comfy. TReally nice psot and some really good tips thanks..

  2. I love jeggings and I've got two pairs of them in my closet :)

  3. i hate uggs..but i like the rest!thnx!

  4. Oh really nice.thANKS for the tips!

  5. I like the flat boots, the green t-shirt and the jacket.

  6. thank you! if you don't like uggs you can also get some comfy flats! :) thanks everyone! :)

  7. I don't like the uggs.the jeggings look very comfortable