Competition Time

Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello everyone.

Ok, before we start the competition, I have a couple of light issues I'd like to touch on. What I say is nothing to take to heart, I'm not trying to be mean but I don't want others to be mean either. Ok. Someone (in the 800 followers post comments) has been commenting and posting something really mean to offend Ghadeer. Intentionally and purposely doing something like this is rude and not very clever. We are simply trying to make Stardoll a fun place and other things fun to read. Ghandoora is most probably hurt by this, so as a follow writer and friend of hers, I just request that this doesn't happen again. I'll be very upset if a comment is posted on this of a similar sort.

Ah! Glad I got that over with. On with the competition eh?


Instructions for you.

1. Go on Stardoll and find a new friend.
2. Create a party with only her/him invited.
3. Spend a little bit of time getting to know him/her a little bit better.
4. Take a picture of you two together.
5. Use TinyPic or Photobucket to upload the picture - And find three facts about your friend, nothing personal, (just about Stardoll!) whether it's their favourite shop brand or their favourite piece of furniture.
6. The couple I and everyone else thinks are most stylish and are at the best party win 15sd!


*It must be a new friend.
*It doesn't matter if it is a ss party or non-ss party, or whether it is 0sd or 5sd.
*You must be off of child safe and must have permission to make friends.
*You must not be mean about other people's entries.
*You must have THREE facts about your friend otherwise the picture will mean nothing.
*Your entries must be in by Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I will gather the entries and post them, plus put up a vote and the following Monday when announcing the winner and runner up. I will also score them using the following:

- Party Decor (Highest Score: 5)
- Fashion Sense (Highest Score: 5)
- Your friend's account - if any guestbook comments from you or
   anything about you guys showing good friendship (Highest Score: 8)
- Photo Quality (Highest Score: 2)
- Facts (Highest Score: 5)

Overall Highest Score: 25

The whole idea of the competition is for you to make a new friend. You should enjoy it more than make it competitive and everyone voting, think about it, don't just go for the name that is ALWAYS there. It can be so annoying and makes the newer members of Ghandoora The Boss no hope of winning.

To make it easier to enter, fill out this here form and post it in the comments:

Friend's Username:
Party Name:
Picture of Party:
Facts about friend (3):
Why do you want to enter this comp?:



Thanks so much everyone, hope you like the comp ;)
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  1. i really think like u writter...this must happen't really like the comp and im hpoing to find time and participe on that...thnx a lot

  2. Username: Gurliciousbabe (Erin)
    Her Username: snow-angel360 (Anna)
    Party name: "Random Awesome People Join ONLY ;;;D"
    Party photo:

    (All informations in the picture!)


    Gurliciousbabe :)

  3. I think it's a little tricky.....

  4. Sorry I will not take part in this comp!

  5. Hahaaa at first I thought it was too hard too, but its pretty fun cuz you get to chat with new ppl XD It did take me a pretty long time thougghh!

  6. i whil enter if i whil haw time ^^