Can you guess ?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hey guys here is Ghandoora with you back with new thing :p
here is a picture contain more than 100 famous people .. maybe kings , singers .. etc

( click to enlarge )

Now can you guess more than 20 characters ??
The gift will be 20 SD for the fastest one who answer :p

What are you waiting for ???
Go a head and guess ^^
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  1. 1. shakespheare
    2. Albert Einstein
    4.Saddam Hussein
    5. Hitler
    6. Micheal Jordan
    7.Bruce Lee
    9.Orphan Annie
    10. president Lincoln
    13.George W. Bush
    14.Bill Gates
    15.Mother Theresa
    16. Marylin Monroe
    17.Mohammed Ali
    18.Charles Darwin
    19.Guan Yu
    20.Audrey Hepburn ? I think I see them any way xD

  2. :O
    A basketball player that could be Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Lamar Odom.

  3. +
    1. Bill Clinton
    2. Napoleon Bonaparte
    3. Julius Caesar
    4. Steven Spielberg
    5. Leonardo Da Vinci
    6. Charlie Chaplin
    7. Pele
    8. Vincent Van Gogh
    9. Shirley Temple
    10. Mike Tyson
    11. Henry Ford

  4. 1. Albert Einstein
    2. Hitler
    3. Atilla
    3. Aristotle
    4. ghandi
    5. Che Guevara
    6. Napoleon Bonapart
    7. Pele
    8. Newton
    9. Elvis Prisley
    10. Mao che Tung
    11. Al kapone
    12. Merilyn Monroe
    13. Michael Jordan
    14. Julio Caesar
    15. Mozart
    16. Mike Tyson
    17. Ford
    18. Chernobyl explosion ( I think )
    19. Pyramids of Agypt
    20. Stonehedge

    these are what I can recognise..

  5. 1.albert einstein
    2.abrahan lincoln
    4.micheal jordan
    7.mike tyson
    8.marylin monroe
    9.queen elizabeth the 2nd
    11.liudwig van bethoven
    12.shirly temple
    13.pablo picasso
    15.bill clinton
    16.bruce lee
    18.leanardo da vinci
    19.bill gates
    proo i did not copy or cheat

  6. 1-Lenine
    2-Bill Clinton
    4-Guan Yu
    6-Sadam Husseyn
    7-Audrey Hepburn
    9-Henry Ford???
    10-Mike Tyson
    11-Shirley Temple
    13-Marie Antoinette or Catherine The Great
    16-Sigmund Freud
    17-Louis Pasteur
    19-Elvis The Pelvis lol (joke ofc:)
    20-Churchill maybe?
    21-Bruce Lee
    22-Atila The Hun
    25-Napoleon Bonaparte
    26-Abraham Lincoln
    27-Mao Tse Tun
    28-Che Guevara
    29-Fidel Castro
    30-Marlon Brandon as "The Godfather"? lol
    31-Yasser Arafat
    34-Prince Charles :D
    35-Michael Jordan (not familiar with basketball players faces...)
    36-Toulouse Lautrec
    37-Pablo Picasso (I think...)
    38-Christopher Columbus
    39-Madre Teresa
    40-George W. Bush

    I recognize a few more faces but can't put a name on them...anyways this was really fun :D
    Can I update if a find a few more names? ;)

  7. wooow nice, i dont know any of em XD

  8. i found the same with the other girls...they were first so i won't win anyway

  9. 1. Aristole (greek scholar and tutor of alexander)
    2. Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder)
    3. Pele (brazilian footballer)
    4. Charlie Chaplin (famous comedian)
    5. Vladimir Lenin (Head of soviet union and founder of leninism)
    6. Halko Khan (warrior of east)
    7. Adolf Hitler (German Dictator)
    8. Mike Tyson (youngest heavyweight champ)
    9. Bill Clinton (former US President)
    10. Pharoh (Egyption king. it cud be tutakhanum or Rameses II)
    11. Saddam Hussain (Late Iraqi President)
    12. King Edward (king of great britain )
    13. Vladimir Putin (Current President of Russia)
    14. Margret Thatcher (Former prime minister of UK)
    15. Sigmond Freud (great Psychologist)
    16. Bruce Lee (legendary Kung fu hero)
    17. Winston Churchill (Brit Prime minister in 40s)
    18. Queen Elizabeth (queen of Great britain)
    19. Temple (a girl character in a poem )
    20. Elvis Presley (father of Rock n’ roll)
    21. Willam Shakepere (British Poet)
    22. Joseph Stalin (Most powerful dictator in Soveit Union)
    23. Albert Einestine (Greatest Scientist)
    24. Socrates (Greek Scholar. a philoshper)
    25. Karl Marx (A revolutionist and founder of Marxism)
    26. Ghengis Khan (Mongolian Ruler. Invaded alot of east)
    27. Steven speilberg (Ace Hollywood Producer)
    28. Yakumo Maito (Japanese Merchant)
    29. Napolean Bona fide (Greatest French Ruler)
    30. Abraham Lincoln (America’s president and Founding father)
    31. Mao Zedong (China’s Communist Ruler)
    32. Ernesto Che Guevara (Argentinian Rebel. Executioner of Gorilla Warfare)
    33. Moses (Prophet of Jews)
    34. Fiedel Castro (Leader of Cuba)
    35. Marlon Brando (DOn Corleone)
    36. Yasir Arafat (Palestinian leader)
    37. Marilyn Monroe (actress of hollywood in 50s)
    38. Mahatma Gandhi (Founder of India)
    39. George W. Bush II
    40. Michael Jordan (Great NBA player)
    41. Micheal angelo (Italian Artist)
    42. Prince Charles ( Prince of UK)
    43. Alan Sharon (Prime minister of Israel)
    44. Dorian Gray (Famous Artist)
    45. Kofi Anan (Former Secretary General of U.N)
    46. Yao Ming?
    47. Osama Bin Laden (Most Wanted Person in the world)
    48. Shangrilla (China)
    49. Great Pyramids (Egypt)
    50. Hanging Garden (Babylon)
    51. Julius Ceaser or Alexander the Great…
    52. Kim Jong ll (North Korean Leader)
    53. Mother Threasa (A Social worker)
    54. Plato (Greek Scholar)
    55. Miyamoto Musahi (Famous Japanese Samurai Warrior)
    56. Kim il Sung (North Korean Leader)

  10. I've gotten this picture in a chain email before! So I know almost everybody.. and the answers were on the site so I won't cheat.

  11. @ Gurliciousbabe
    Great job at copy+paste! I can even provide the link you got it from and btw, some of them are incorrect.

    Not adding any more names. I know almost all of them now ;)
    I saw the image in a bigger scale and I can say it helped alot lol

  12. 1.Albert Einstein
    2.Marylin Monroe
    3.Mahatma Ghandi
    4.Elvis Presley
    6.Bruce Lee
    7.Guan Yu
    8.Audrey Hepburn
    10.Abraham Lincoln
    11.Michael Jordan
    13.William Shakespare
    14.Sadam Husein
    15.Julius Caesar
    16.Che Guevara
    17.Mother Teresa
    18.Queen Elizabeth ( UK )
    20.Kim Il Sung

    I'm not gonna win..other girls already answer...

  13. @anaKonda
    I know right I had too make zoom in alot !!

  14. 1. shakespheare
    2. Albert Einstein
    4.Saddam Hussein
    5. Hitler
    6. Micheal Jordan
    7.Bruce Lee
    9.Orphan Annie
    10. president Lincoln
    13.George W. Bush
    14.Bill Gates
    15.Mother Theresa
    16. Marylin Monroe
    17.Mohammed Ali
    18.Charles Darwin
    19.Guan Yu
    20.Che Guevara

  15. Goerge W. Bush
    michel jordan
    pablo picasso
    Elvis Presley
    Prince Charles

  16. nice competion....has it finished...

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  18. 1: Jacques Verges
    2: Dante Allghieri
    3: Deng Xiaoping?
    4: Mother Teresa
    5: Yul Brynner
    6: Mikhail Gorbachev
    7: Ferdinand Marcos?
    8: Kofi Annan
    9: Liu Xiang
    10: Prince Charles
    11: Empress Dowager Cixi
    12: Osama Bin Laden
    13: George W. Bush?
    14: Luciano Pavarotti
    15: Salvador Dali
    16: Gregory Peck
    17: Spartacus
    18: Yasser Arafat
    19: Marilyn Monroe
    20: Marlon Brando
    21: Fidel Castro
    22: Laozi*
    23: Chi Guevara
    24: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    25: Zhou Enlai
    26: Napoléon Bonaparte
    27: Mao Zedong
    28: Marie Curie
    29: Abraham Lincoln
    30: Genghis Khan
    31: Pablo Picasso
    32: Steven Spielberg
    33: Friedrich Nietzsche
    34: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    35: Karl Marx
    36: William Shakespeare
    37: Leonardo da Vinci
    38: Robert Oppenheimer
    39: Henri Matisse
    40: Joseph Stalin
    41: Elvis Presley
    42: Franklin D. Roosevelt
    43: Winston Churchill
    44: Bruce Lee
    45: James Garfield?
    46: Margert Thatcher
    47: Peter the Great
    48: Charles de Gaulle
    49: Bill Clinton
    50: Maxim Gorky
    51: Lin Biao
    52: Solomon
    53: Vladimir Lenin
    54: Guan Yu
    55: Cui Jian
    56: Aristotle
    57: Pelé
    58: Adolf Hitler
    59: Saddam Hussein
    60: Ludwig van Beethoven
    61: Audrey Hepburn
    62: Benito Mussolini
    63: Lei Feng*
    64: Henry Ford
    65: Vincent van gogh
    66: Run Run Shaw
    67: Michael jordan

    My stardoll name is sweetiebaba

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