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Monday, February 07, 2011

Oh man ! tomorrow i will back to the school !
if you don't know what is school mean here is the picture that it's really describe me !

if you don't understand it here is what school mean !!
six . creepy . hours . of . our . lives

but this is dosen't mean that i will leave the blog !! no way 100%
i have TON of new things will be these weeks !
don't forget the blog won't be the same without you ^^
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  1. I know the feeling of having to go to school --' Why can't we just be born with knowledge? Why do we have to suffer?

  2. 6 hours lucky but me the moment i leave home & come back from school it takes me 9 horrible hours

  3. We have 6/7 hours and then we have 1/2 homework!And then i got enlgish lesson or maths or computer lessons!

  4. I always thought it was Six Crap Hours Of Our Life xD Ah well :P

  5. Ohh no..
    we have 7 hours!

  6. Good luck sweetie you'll be great...

  7. It started on Monday here. I want vacation.

  8. uhh knw it but we get together with frnd the + point