Update ^^

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello guys ..
I made little changes after i see TON girls want to advertise ..
So if you want to advertise for FREE
Be follower + comment more than 30 posts ^^ heheh GOOD LUCK :P

So .. are you going to advertise any thing ??
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  1. i would like to advertise my blog. :]
    i am follower and i have 97 comments

  2. Yeah! That's an excellent idea :D

  3. I follow but, i don't usually leave a comment. But i do read. So I'll just pay 5sd. My medoll's name is supa_star4real and my blog is: stardollzvogue.blogspot.com !
    Thanks and please contact me (: I have a Facebook too; Stardollz Vogue-Magazine ... OR im pretty sure you can just click my picture..

  4. this is my blog i like to advertise :


    i am follower and got 99 comments :]