New competiton :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Invite your friend !

Yup ! Ghandoora back with new competition ..
i'm waiting to be 1000 followers .. really it will mean alot for me.

What you have to do is

Invite your friend to follow us .easy ! isn't ??! :)
The one who invited write her / his Stardoll nickname &  follower name & who invited you
 in comments here.

The prizes

25 - 50 stardollares .. worth it ??
every 5 people you invited them and they follow us >> you get 5sd
The prize will be only for one person ! who get most of followers

don't know how to follow ?! click here
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  1. Really nice,but today I have not time to try it!

  2. Rayko invited meh :D And i invited some people :X:X I will give it s try ;)