It is the time to say Good bye ?!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I don't know if it the time to say good bye !
That will be the end for me , my friends , and MY BLOG !!

Well it won't be that bad for us .. because our blog not about Stardoll too much .. but we are going to missed the competition , the make up , the match between real and stardoll .…
 OH MAN I think it will be disaster for us !!

I really open the internet just for playing stardoll and for my blog too..
Hehe I can’t imagine my life without stardoll .. REALLY !!
And I can’t imagine myself playing Disney ! o_O
and it`s seems that on 2012 that change will be !!
Enjoy you last days on Stardoll
( I wish it's joke )

We mustn’t accept what will happen to Stardoll !!
We must contact stardoll

** If you want to leave Stardoll ( and hope you not ) add me : **

If you leave stardoll .. where will you go ??
what are you going to do ??
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  1. OMG! no no no no we want stardoll

  2. OMG :'''''( I Think I'm Actually Gunna Cry! This Is So Bad. How Do You Contact Stardoll?! x

  3. today's coverboy
    hope u'll post it :)

  4. and yea... it's so bad dat stardoll will change into disney doll! I just can't imagine hw it'll be!!!

  5. glitch?

  6. what ???
    I dont want.
    I loveee stardoll.
    I can not imagine my life without it.!

  7. I will still be on Disdoll or whatever.

  8. Nooooooooooooooooo!
    I hate you Disney, how could you do this to us.
    If I'll leave stardoll, well I don't wanna play on another doll website because I don't want to remember my great days on this amazing website.

    I love you Stardoll ♥

  9. It had better be a fake, I don't even think I could be mad at the person who made it if it was a fake I would be so relieved..

  10. "Hello! Wanna castle chat?" "Yes!Have you bought any prince pall, yet?" "No, but i want to buy an LPS (Limited princess edition) dress!" "cool! i am not princess star! i used to be , but now it costs 30 euros a month! " "yes! how old are you? " 8 what abou you?" " i am 5! ""do you remember when princessdoll was stardoll? My sister used to have it! But now she left! "
    That's a chat in disneydoll! Do you agree?