Back to 2-May-2009

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Hello all ..
as you all see I made an slide show called back to 2-May-2009 .. the day when I joined stardoll
they are only few pictures i managed to find them. In short time I have many and many friends I love them so much you can't imagine how ..
In 7-July-2010 you made this blog in your own way ..
I want to thanks everyone who follow this blog and being one of our family members , who she her/ his opinion in comments, who spent minute from her/ his life to visit us daily , who support and help me when I was a weak .. and special thanks for everyone who write here .. you really made this blog perfect :)
As you see .. in short time I got more than 10 offers to be writer in different blogs , I got 3 interviews , model in magazine ... etc
Before 2 weeks ago I talked about our blog in my school .. I swear I were so so so happy and proud too .. you can't imagine how much . I really don't have any word to say it ..

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  1. misiz ronaldo "shoshm"January 1, 2011 at 10:10 PM

    heey ghandoora it's amazing video :) is this you :P any way Plz go to this link ..:) plzz
    hope u like it ;) <3

  2. Ghandoora I liked your words and the video !
    the blog looks Amazing :) well done !
    luv ya my friend, keep it up <3<3

  3. Awwwwww u made me rlly cry ILY so much <333

  4. ohh love it !!
    this is amazing!!

  5. i luv this video...congrats!

  6. How nice. Your Stardoll history. It's amazing.