she is Professional copier (2)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hey all .. today while i'm checking others blog i saw an girl ( you can say : " Professional copier " ) she copied what i post in SMW blog .. even she copied THE COLOURS !

all of that because there is TON of new blogs need to get DELETED ( just copy & paste ) 
they don't have any sense of CREATIVE, TALENT .. etc  i really get annoying when i see something like that !

The Professional copier post  

what about you ??
what do you think ??
waiting your comments !
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  1. She did copy! What is wrong with her? Yours looks 5145643518x better anyway!

  2. Why do people do that and not give credit where it is obviously due?? Bad girl.

  3. Yeah, this is a copier...I would say a really stupid copier, lol she didn't even change the colours...What a looser...Anyway Ghandora your post looks much better, because it's original not a copy-paste.

    xoxo MissAdelajda100

  4. OMG!!! I'm the owner f the blog!! I didn't know about this! She said she didn't copy but now I know she did!! I will fire her!! Please forgive the blog.... I had no idea she was copying without giving credit :( can you please write in this post that it was all a misunderstanding ans she will be fired? please.. I don't want people to think an less f the blog because of this... I'm very sorry that this happened.... please forgive me I dodn't know about this.... :(

  5. Who's blog is it from? What's the weeb address? xx

  6. Thats Ridiculous! why do They Do That! I Never Copy!

  7. i hate copiers....being a writer for a blog it's difficult but guys be creative...don't copy!