Kristen Stewart

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hello , everyone .
It's me Salma 
today , i'm making a Kristen Stewart look ,
i'm a HUGE  twilight fan so that's why Ashley
Greene was my first post , and 
now i'm making a Kristen Stewart make up look :)

Here's The picture :

Step 1 :
make sure you're using the brown hair color .

Step 2 :
put some black eyeshadow on , i put three layers , you can put as much as you want :) .

Step 3 :
 put some mascara 

Step 4 :
lipstick , but i'm so sorry i still don't know the exact shade's name , i
will try to find it .

Step 5 :
put the  " LUXE "  lip gloss . 

Step 6 :
put some blush :)

Step 7 :
i tried to find the closest hair style that matches the picture and
that's what i got .

 if you think there's a more matching one , let me 
know , and i will post it here to and you'll get  credit 
for it of course .

And that's it , thank you for reading :)
please let me know what you think in a comment , it means a lot to me :)
and if you have any questions just ask me in my guestbook , here's 
the link :

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