kelly Clarkson

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello everyone , today i'm 
doing a 
Kelly Clarkson look , i found the pic  and i love the make up so
i decided to share it with you :)

here's the pic :

Step 1 :
black eyeshadow :)

Step 2 :
white eyeshadow

Step 3 :
Eyeliner , half black half white 

Step 4 :
both kinds of mascara 

Step 5 :
the light lip stick and the " LUXE " lip gloss 

Step 6 :
change the hair color 

Step 7 :
change it to this hair style , and i changed the eye color to 

Step 8 :
i forgot the blush so i added it in the end , sorry :)

and that's all , please please PLEASE let me know what you think , 
even if you don't like it , tell me what you don't like  so i can improve myself 

and if you have a picture that you want me to use , tell me , i try my best 
to find pics , but it will be better if you suggest one and you'll get credit for it of course :)
thank you :)


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